Natalie's Mission to Brazil has begun!

Natalie left for Brazil this past Tuesday 8/11/15 from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.
She was a master packer, luggage weighing in at 48 lb. and 49 lb!
She flew all night from Atlanta, GA to Sao Paulo, Brazil.
She made it safely and was excited to enter the MTC.

First email of the Mission:
I don´t know how long I have but I just want to let everyone know that I made it to Sao Palo!! This city is HUGGEEEE!! Portuguese is okay for me...I can understand about 25% (better than nothin) but my problem is speaking it!! I just stare blankly and i´m like uhhhh Eu No Falo Portuguese...but then I start speaking spanish...sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt! Haha my companion is awesome, I am so excited to be here! The flight was soooo long I am dying from being so tired right now but I have a full day of classes ahead of me! I can´t wait to go to bed...even if the bed is like a dorm bed! (so not comfy) I love everyone..and even if it~s hard for me to love them I do it anyway!! It´s soo nice to focus on the good in people!! alright everyone! Be safe this week and try to look at the positive in people!


Sister Talentino

ps ill try and send pictures whenever I can