Week 43 -

haha sometimes I quote `well, we´ve done all we can do ` with some investigators..after the fact, and I just think of Scott haha!!!
there´s always those little things that remind me of you guys!!! :)

and OF COURSE, gotta help my little baby G!! 

You guys are sooooooooo cute!!! love you guys....I love the pics!!! tell timm and kyle that i love them and miss them!!! (Mom note:  Sent Natalie a picture from the beach with Douglas, Gabby, cousins Timm and Kyle and Connor - Hare Family Reunion 2016)


Week 42 - 9 Months in the mission!

                                                      Real Maple Syrup 

Love you too mom.... I don’t feel like writing a big long letter this week cause not a lot has happened.... this week. I will think about my testimony that I will give to Maddie smith and next week I´ll send it...pode ser?

I don’t know how things will be with the new news on pants and all that...I don’t want to wear pants but the sunglasses would be good, or a hat...I don’t know we have to wait and hear from our Presidente! 

This week was a little rough cause of some health problems...but lets just say that everyone is better now and we a re all doing good here in Sousa!!!!
I am just so grateful to be here and to see the Lord´s hand in the lives of these people. We are having some difficulties with some people progressing for a little bit but then they just don’t want more...it´s really hard to stay positive when there are a ton of people lying to you or rejecting you...but in these moments you have o stay positive and have the hope and faith that everything will be okay and that my Savior knows how I feel and through His Gospel and through His Sacrifice, it will all be okay!!!

Sister Talentino

Moroni 7:33!!


week 41- miracles happen all the time!

                                                    May 16, 2016

So mom some people are telling me that they aren't getting my emails...maybe its because this week was a little crazy or because i didnt send one the other week...but whatever thats okay.

(Mom note:  Life happens sometimes. Funeral, Chicago, Utah trip, end of the semester grading - Sorry, but I got a little behind!)

so yeah this week miracles happened! let´s just say that i am so grateful for the power of the Priesthood in my life!! miracles happen all the time and its jut amazing! but yeah this week I hit the 9 month mark...HALF WAY THERE!! and minha nosssa it flies by. 
This week we had a division with the SLTs, and I stayed with Sister Mulberry...COMPANIONS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! hahah it was great fun to be with her and work with her again, it´s crazy to see the progress that we have made since the CTM haha!!
We had 5 people in church this week...2 girls that will be baptized next week, Larissa dn Eduarda, good friends that are just so sweet and I love them!!! one of our investigators went to church all by himself and he lives really far from the church building...he´ll be baptized this week com certeza!!! he already stopped drinking coffee and that´s all we got to teach him and his family so far, but i have a good feeling about this family!!!! We had another investigator, LEnaurea, who went! she is great too!!! her husband reminds me a lot of Dad...ALWAYS inviting us in to sit down, to eat something, to drink juice with them...He reminds me A LOT of dad haha it´s great!!! but yeah i´m super excited to work this week and to help these people feel the love of their Savior in their lives!

oh mom...about the Cavs shirts..how many are you willing to send??? if think if you send some mediums and larges it will be good, but how many are you willing to send? Oh something cool we are trying to start here in Sousa is an English course!!! we are getting ready to start it here and we are praying that it all will go well!! I´m excited !!

but yeah...love you all, have a great week!!!!!!

Sister Talentino


week 40 - Happy Mother's Day

May 9, 2016

so yeah...I talked to you guys yesterday but I just want to say i love you all sooooo much!!! Thanks for being such a great, amazing, loving family! I just feel so blessed...I'm not sad, I am actually really happy, I just feel falta and suadade!! love you all so much...Happy mother´s day mom, thanks for being the best mom ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Talentino

Sousa Zone


week 39 - internet cafe is closing (:

May 2 2016

so i don't have more time cause the internet place closes right now...i´ll send a weekly email next week!!! love you!!! until mother´s day !!!