Week 49 - My new zone leader knows Lilian and Cynthia!


I asked Natalie if she got transferred, Her response,
“Yea...I’m in a place called seridó, caicó!  I’m about 3 hours from my last area. My companion is Sister Sigaran from El Salvador!!”

Her email:
MOM...guess what! I got to my new area and there is an Elder here, my new Zone Leader. His name is Elder L. Gomes...he´s from Rio. The first night that I got here in Seridó Caicó, he said, “hey, so there´s an Irmá in my ward that said I need to look out for a Sister Talentino and send her a beijo and abraço (kiss and hug) when I finally meet her...her name is Lillian.” I was like ummmmmm I don't know..then I asked what she does for a living and he said that she is the type of person that looks for rocks and stuff like that. IT´S THE FRIEND OF CYNTHIA!!!!!!! THAT STAYED WITH US!!! REMEMBER!!!!! and This elder also knows Cynthia..his mom is good friends with her......WHAT ARE THE ODDS MINHA NOSSA!!!!!!!!!! 
(Mom Note:  Cynthia Saldanha was in our ward when Natalie was little.  She is from Rio and one of her friends Lilian came to Cleveland for a paleontologist conference and stayed with us. ) 

Mom note:  Natalie talking about her zone leader Elder Gomes: 
“yeah he is seriously is a great missionary and I met him this week! WE share our ward with him and his companion...it’s a house, not a chapel!! it´s pretty humilde but it is awesome to see the testimonies of everyone there!!

LOVE YOU MOM! Have a great week!!

                  Here is Elder Gomes from Rio.  Friend of our friend!!!!  Small world!


week 48 - Happy Fourth of July


HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!! LOVE YOU ALL...mom Spain looks amazing...we gotta go back when I get back haha!!
but yeah this week was really trunky..not gonna lie! One elder in our District went home this week, Elder M Fernandes! so to see a missionary go home...it just makes me think of how fast the time is flying by! This week we have transfers and also the week after that I will have 11 months in the mission! Ridiculous!!!!
haha this week was good. There was another holiday, São Pedro. sister Mulberry and I got back from Natal Wednesday morning in the middle of the night. And then we had to run around and try and teach all of our investigators.
I feel really tired being in this area. I am praying really hard to do the will of The Lord here and to be animated and excited to work, but sometimes I jut feel like I talked to literally everyone in the street already, and I just tired of having people not progress, not come to church and just not realize what they are missing out in their life when they don’t follow the gospel.

One thing that happened this week that I got to do last pday was I got to visit some recent converts in Natal!!! I got to see Monic, Ellen, Luiz Neto, Thiago, Emmanoel, and Adriano!! I cried so much when I had to say bye to them again. Just to see that they are firm in the church, with callings and just hearing their testimonies just brings tears to my eyes. It´s one thing that I am so grateful, is that sometimes as missionaries we can see the fruit of our labor. ugh I cried so much when I left my first area again...I forgot to take my camera, but Mônica took pics so she will have to send them to me.

I love being a missionary... found a scripture this week that I really liked...in Mosiah 27:14...when an angel apareceu a Alma who was preaching to destroy the church saying that many people were praying and asking for help, and also his dad was praying for him. and he said that Deus always responds to our prayers, depending on our faith. And it made me think that there re so many people praying for me, for us, for our investigators and for the missionary work. I am so grateful for the power of prayers and to know that Deus will always answer our prayers.
LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! have a great 4th of July...today we are going to make cookies, s’mores and we are going to try to make hamburgers!! we´ll see what happens!!! 

moroni 8:3

Our little trip to natal...we had pancakes with maple syrup, s'mores, jolly ranchers and the best of all PEANUT BUTTER!!!!


Week 47 - Pray for our investigators


So this week was a crazy week.... difficulties. This week was the holiday of São João and every one was traveling, drinking and partying. WE suffered and prayed and fasted for all of our investigators that were possible to be baptized this week. The hard thing was that day after day no one was home when we passed by. It was hard to do contacts and make new investigators cause no one was in the street and if they were it was all the drunk people, or they didn’t want to hear us. At the end of the week we didn’t have a baptism, but I still felt the comfort of my Heavenly Father. I know that there is one person that is ready and this week we are going to help that one person become closer to their Heavenly Father.
We are teaching one girl, Gessivalda. She almost was baptized Sunday but she got all nervous and scared and she said that she didn’t want to be baptized alone. she wanted one of her friends to be baptized with her.  It is just that they didn’t want to baptized either. LIKE WHAT THE HECK!!! but this week, it´ll work out. It´s so annoying when people make fun of someone or mock some one for wanting to do something good and to follow Christ. JUST LET ME LIVE MY LIFE!!!! but anyway...I was waiting for a miracle all week so that we could have a baptism on Sunday, but during the week I starting to think and feel that I cant’ just wait for Miracles to happen, I have to work and exercise my faith so that God can do His part.
Life never will be easy, but when we have the hope and the faith and love in our Savior and in our Heavenly Father, everything will work out. Each day is a learning experience, that is helping us be more prepared to be with our Heavenly Father again, to be like He is.
Today I am in Natal to renew our Visa...sister Mulberry and I traveled together from Sousa to Natal in the middle of the night and it took 9 hours. hahaha Good times to be with her!! Love her...every since the CTM!!! haha
Pray to have missionary experiences with everyone. Always look for ways to share the gospel... you will feel happier and feel the Love of our Savior more and more each day.!!

Pray for Gessivalda, Genival, Libio, and all of the missionaries!!!
love you all! have a great week!!
-Sister Talentino


Mom Note:  Genevieve made it to Spain to be with me.  This is the picture we sent Natalie and Scott.

Natalie's response:  you guys are sooo beautiful...TWINS!!!!!! with your glasses too haha