Week 60 -Loved listening to Conference


So this week was transfers....and I will stay in my area, Vila do Pricipe, with Sister Pinheiro! I will be the last companion...haha it´s a little rough being with someone that will be going home, but I love her so it´s all good!
this week was just a little rough because we had to run around and try and teach everyone and meet new people...We have been trying to go to a different part of our area because the work is getting a little slow and the area that we have been working in has just been really annoying! It gets to the point where you already know what the person will say as an excuse...STOP LYING!!!!
but yeah we got a couple of references to another part of our area called Alto da Boa Vista, so we know that was an answer to our prayers and we are going to go there and start working there! It´s just a little hard because it´s really far from the church (about 40 minutes walking fast) but we are excited this week to go there and start baptizing everyone haha!!
So this week our baptism fell through, his name is Pedro Lucas and he is the brother of Priscilla that was baptized last week! He´s 12 years old and he is just really great! But the problem is that his mom didn´t want to sign the ficha.....(baptism form?) so it just really brought us down! and everyone else that said they would go to conference just said a bunch of reasons why they couldn´t go when we passed by Saturday.
But it was great cause I got a lot of answers to some of the question that I had going into Conference! Some of the great things is that I got a lot of answers to questions and worries that I didn´t even realize that I had!
It was great!

Sunday morning was terrible...I woke up and I started to throw up and I had diarrhea! it was nonstop...I was like seriously, the day of conference!! SATAN!!!! haha So we called Jose Carlos (the member that sent you a message mom on Facebook) and he came over with an another member, Kaio, and they gave me a blessing and same medicine that would help me throw up all the bad stuff that was inside of me!
When we got to Conference, I felt so gross! I was like a walking zombie!! so the first session was hard to pay attention to cause I was in pain and going to the bathroom now and then! I tried to listen in English, but they put it in a room with no air conditioning so I just left and went to watch in Portuguese!
I LOVED the talk by Bednar! it was just sooo good! and also by the guy that talked about the Joy and Happiness that one can feel when they see their child bearing testimony of Christ!
I just thought of you guys, mom and dad, and I just want to say that I KNOW that Christ lives! I feel his presence every day! I Know that he died for me and each one of us so that we can have peace and happiness in our lives and in the eternities!!
I know that the struggles that I have now, in the mission, are helping me grow and learn and also I realize how much Love that my Savior has for me.
It is such a blessing to be a missionary! I know that my time is almost up (because everyone keeps saying that) but I just want you guys to know that I love my Savior, I love this gospel, and I know that this church is true! I know that the Priesthood power is real, and it is the power of God on this earth today!
I am a daughter of God...each one of us has a purpose, and I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father is guiding me so that I can know and recognize my purpose here on earth!
I hope you guys have a great week! :)
I love you
-Sister Talentino 

something funny happened this week...we got to the house of our investigator and they live in a one room house with 2 beds! He told us to sit on the bed and he would sit on the other...I looked at the bed and it was a little wobbly and I just thought, this will not end well!! Hamah So we started to talk to him (Jonas) and get to know him, then we started talking about Christ and teach...then all of a sudden BOOM...the bed fell, Sister Pinheiro and I fell too!! hahaah we just got up and started laughing, Jonas was like ´oh no, did you hurt yourself...I put 3 bricks underneath, but it looks like I need to put more´ hahahaahaha it was so funny! The spirit just went out the window with that one!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK....remember always to laugh and smile!!


Week 59 -Training on the Importance of the Book of Mormon


This week was great. The last week on the transfer! on Thursday we had a conference with our Zone and President Colleoni came to give a training with us. Sister Pinheiro and I had to give training to the Zone and to the Sisters! It was a little stressful but it all turned out! We gave a training on the importance of the Book of Mormon and how we can use it more in our teaching! I had a really great and spiritual experience.
It was during a practice and I was the investigator...we talked about the importance of reading, explaining, applying and testifying with the investigator in specific with the problems that they have. and the questions that we gave Sister Garcia to answer was, why does god let bad things happen...and I said that one of my good friends died, and that he was a good person and didn’t do anything wrong, so why did he have to die.?
All of a sudden I thought of Beth. Without planning it.and Sister Garcia opened up Alma 40 and started to teach and read with me and testified to me that God is just and that my friend is in a place of peace and happiness...It was just another experience that God let happen in my life to give me more comfort! It was just really great!!
I love that in my mission I can feel the spirit daily. Sometimes it´s hard, but it is all worth it!! 
WE had a baptism this week too. Her name is Priscilla, and she has 14 years! She is just sooo sweet:) She was so excited for her baptism. She went to church in a white dress, and her maquiagem was just so pretty!!! LOVE HER!

but yeah...I feel like the time is flying by so fast and after this transfer I have 3 more transfers...crazy how life just flies by!!:)
I love this Gospel! I am so excited for Conference and to have that spiritual recharge to keep pushing through the hard times!!!
have a great week!!! I LOVE YOU 
-Sister Talentino

oh mom...one of the things that I would love to happen when I get home is to go to a Cavs game.... let me know if you could hook me up with some tickets???

Got my new purse from the Vasquez family from my home ward!  Thank you!


Week 58- Trip to McDonalds on P-day

Week 58

No real message, small correspondence back and forth.  Sent pictures of trip to Mc Donalds!