Week 12 Prayers are answered

We have a grocery store here where we buy almost everything from with our mission debit card. I can also use my personal debit card here too.  I havn't had any problems using it.  Tell Scott not to worry... the ctm (Missionary Training Center) is amazing and he is going to do just fine!! The REAL hard work starts in the Field hahaha!! Just enjoy every minute there!!
Wow Robyn looks so good pregnant ha-ha. I love Rachel and Robyn’s outfits!! The baby shower LOOKS AMAZING!! (not surprised) 

That tie idea is Brilliant!!! (mom note:  At our family farewell dinner for Scott, each couple gave Scott a tie to wear on his mission to remember his family "ties" and that we are praying for him everyday). 

To be honest I’m crying a little bit while typing because I just feel so blessed to have an AMAZING family!!! ugh I love this gospel!! Even though it´s hard to explain and teach in Portuguese I pray everyday and night during lessons, between lessons, before I go to bed and when I wake up that they will understand me and feel the spirit even though I don´t speak perfectly!! through the Holy Ghost podemos sentir que (we can feel) these things are true!!
A lot of our lessons fell through and people weren´t home.  Even though our day was rough we always look for the miracles! For example, one day we were outside the main grocery store with a recent convert Emanoel (he teaches with us) and all of a sudden we see the son of a lady that we are teaching, Joâo Vito! He comes over to us and we are talking with him. After a little bit he realizes that he lost his keys! He is all panicked and he starts to cry because he knows he´ll be in trouble with his mom. And let me just tell you that this whole day Sister Coelho and I have been talking about and teaching about the power of prayer and that Heavenly Father realmente (really) answers our prays... So of course I start to pray while I’m looking for these keys!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us find these keys, we´ve been teaching and talking about prayer all day, don´t let us down now haha!!  After about 10 minutes or so I get this thought in my head... hey, look under the car! Right when I get this thought I start moving towards these 2 cars that are parked in front of the grocery store!  Sister Coelho does the exact same thing at the exact same time! AND LO AND BEHOLD THE KEYS WHERE UNDER ONE OF THE CARS!!! Amazing!! It was another confirmation to me that My Heavenly Father really does love me and he really does answer my prayers! Even if it´s something small like I lost my keys, if it matters to me, it sure does matter to Him too!! ( JT taught a lesson like this in seminary when she lost her fit bit. I won´t ever forget her story and what she said) S/O (shout out) to JT (Jen Tanner, Natalie's seminary teacher).

Remember to Ponderizar (ponder) a scripture each week...I think I’m going to ponderizar Alma 32:21 (faith is not a perfect knowledge of things...)

Prayers are so important...we have the privilege to talk with our Father in Heaven and he wants to help and bless our lives.  All we have to do is kneel and pray to Him!! BEM SIMPLES (so simple) Like the talk Elder Uchtdorf gave in conference...The Gospel is BEM SIMPLES (SO simple)

-Sister Talentino
moroni 8:3

btw I've made castle cookies like 5 times already..but they´re not as good here as they are there cause the ingredients are a little different, mas everyone loves them haha!!!