Week 50

So this week was just filled with so much work. I think I never talked with so many people in one week than this past week on the mission. Seriously didn’t even keep track of all the contacts that we did each day. WE are just inviting all these people to come to church and it is like so annoying cause majority of them don’t even give us the time of day or they say o no we work on Sunday, but trust me I have faith in God and Jesus so I’m all good.;...so que no ha-ha!! so Sister Sigaran and I are working hard. We had a firm baptism marked for the cousin of a recent convert, but her dad came over (he doesn’t even live with his family cause they are separated about 10 years now) and he started to argue with her mom saying that Cynthia can’t go to church anymore with us and that she can’t be baptized.....that was Thursday morning.  It´s like she wants to go to church and follow the example of Jesus Christ...what´s so wrong about that?? I just don’t get it sometimes. But we are still visiting her and her family to keep teaching her.
We also met with many less actives this week. Just in the middle of the contact we had so many people just saying oh yeah I already was baptized in that church...So many!!! So we have a lot of work to do in this area.
WE met one guy, his name is Osvaldo...he has problems with drinking but he is so good...You can just tell that he will be baptized, his heart is open and he is ready to accept the gospel and make the changes necessary in his life!! He came to church too...on Friday we met him and he said `don’t call me tomorrow cause I’ll be drunk, but Sunday morning you can call me and I´ll go to church with you goshala and Sunday morning we called him and he was all ready to go and we got to the street of the church and he was waiting on the sidewalk...haha he participated in the classes...and we saw him today in the morning on our way to the post office and he was like I loved church, it is like no other church that I have ever visited before, I felt so good there!!! 
It´s just so nice to see that at least one person of the 57824 that we met and talked to felt the spirit and went to church and enjoyed it.
I´m just going to say that the worst part of the week is Sunday Morning...minha nossa. I feel like that Sunday morning I always feel and see the work of the inimigo with all these people that said they would go to church but the day of they all have excuses.
We had one couple that said they would go and we called them in the morning and they said yeah they were already and getting ready to leave to meet us at the church...when we got there, they weren’t there!! ahh it´s just hard sometimes when you have all these people fighting against you and your purpose.
WE had one women who asked me if I was deaf because I didn’t want to leave the doorstep because she refused to call her son and wake him up to go to church...she was really rude. I almost started to argue with her, but something held me back.ha-ha almost lost it, but the holy Ghost helped me out.
Miracles do happen. When we got to church we only had one investigator, Osvaldo, but when we entered we saw that a less active that we met that week brought her cousin, and that also a member brought her friend to church...3 people came to church...miracle!! 
I´m not going to say that missionary work is easy, but I am so happy that I have this privilege to serve the Lord and to see all these miracles that happen every day. I´m so grateful that I am learning more and more each day of how I can be more like my Savior. Being more Diligent, more in tune with the spirit to follow his whispers/council and to just try and love everyone here!!!
I love being a missionary and it is so great to be a representative of my Savior Jesus Christ!!
Moroni 8:3
Isaiah 55:7-9
have a great week!!!
I can’t believe Rhett and Taylor are already home...time flies when you´re having fun nĂ©!! haha

-Sister Talentino