Week 10 Bore my testimony in Church yesterday.

Alright, so this week was a little crazy!! So it started out as any other week! Sister Coelho and I (she´s from Porto Alegre and her name is Lara) are teaching some great people! But we got a call on Terca-feira (Wednesday) that we will be doing a transfer for 2 days até sexta-feira (Friday). So that night I had to pack my stuff for 2 days to spend the next 2 days in Alecrine (idk how to spell that) with Sister Rios!! it´s about 20 minutes from my area, Natal. Being with sister Rios was awesome...she is so cool! She is from Guatemala but she knows English because she worked as a nanny in Baltimore (shout out to my family).   We get along GREAT!!! The next 2 days were a little rough though because I had to get accustomed to a new way of teaching with a new companion and with new people, but as always, every day has its ups and downs! I REALLY try to focus on being an example to others and having faith that everything will be okay... especially when I don´t teach very well or I don´t explain something in Portuguese very well, and I get frustrated! But it´s honestly so edifying when you know someone understands what you are teaching them and you can just see it in their eyes that they are understanding and accepting what you say!!  
Sometimes I feel like the Penguins in Madagascar when they say `´Just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave`´ haha.  Pretty much my life sometimes!!  So many people here say that I look like a doll!  And I also got proposed to this week by one of the youth playing soccer at the church for youth night.

 I want to talk about an experience that I had about faith!  Sister Coelho and I were walking back to our casa (house) and we were making contacts in the street and sister Coelho was on the phone with some elders and I was just walking without really thinking, but I turned onto this street that was the opposite direction to our house (I don’t know why, but I did). We were talking to some people and then, all of a sudden, we run into a guy named Wellyington! He has been taught by the missionaries before but he has a REAL problem with smoking and drinking!! We were talking to him and he said that he was about to go somewhere and drink (I think) and then, like a ray of light, we walked up to him and started talking to him!! I´m like woaahhh, serio...that just happened!! We taught him again on Saturday and we marked him for bautizmo the 18th and he went to church with us yesterday!! WAHHOOOOO. He smokes about 2 packs of cigarettes a day and drinks coffee and alcohol! But we helped him set goals to stop with smoking the cigarettes!! I have faith he can stop.  He just has to do his part!! Yesterday, getting people to go to church was a MAD HOUSE!!! No one was ready on time so we say alright we´ll come back in 10 minutes and you better be ready!! We had Wellyington and 4 little girls come with us, Julia and Julianna, Rabecca and Eduarda! All of them are friends and we are teaching their families!!  Families are so important!!! Missionary work is hard but it is so amazing to see the small miracles that happen everyday!! Have faith that heavenly Father has a plan for you and that he doesn´t give us a trial we can´t handle!!! Pray, have faith, and smile! :) 

Sister Talentino

PS:   I bore my testimony in church yesterday and people were like OH MY GOODNESS YOU HAVE ONLY BEEN HERE 3 WEEKS YOU SPEAK REALLY WELL!!! well sometimes I'm like ugh, no I don't but other times I feel blessed that I can carry a conversation sometimes!!


P-Day Adventure

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