Week 20 - Feliz Natal = Merry Christmas


Side Note:  Oh and all the new missionaries here that arrived in natal this week from the MTC
said heyy..i know your brother..he´s awesome!! but yeah ugh I love Scott!!

So this week was transfers...sister Trage and I were really anxious for the ligação..but yea we were in a lesson and we got the phone call...we were like just, well if you pray about this you will get an answer (not really but we were rushing so that we could hear the tranfers that were going to happen).
SISTER TRAGE WAS TRANSFERED FOR POTENGI...she´s the new sister Leader Treinadora..not surprised she´s so awesome!! I stayed here in Natal!! After we found out we were just crying in the rua (street) and todo mundo (everyone) was just looking at us like...ummmm what´s up with those crazy mormons!! lol
but yeah I was really sad to see her go.  I learned a lot from Sister Trage!! 
So my new Companhion is Sister Leal...she´s from Belem!! She´s awesome; she´s crazy and lovable and just so perf!
The day of transferencias, I had to wait in the Rodaviaria ALL DAY...seriosuly 7:30-9:30 for her..she was in Souza which is about 9 hours from the capital...It was a rough day!! 
This week I felt a little more stressed out cause Sister Leal doesn’t know the area or the pesquisadores so all the pressure was on me to plan, to make sure we fechamos padrão (not all the pressure but still..)
So yeah this week was a little rough, but I also realized that I actually learned a few things these past 4 months haha...I am getting used to missionary life but it´s still a little hard!!
I don´t have a lot of time but I do want to say that Heavenly Father answers our prayers!
WE were in church yesterday and I was just listening to the talks and Maria Lucia (membro) gave a talk on the talk that Elder Uchtdorf gave about the test with the marshmallows and patience...and I was listening to her and what she was saying and I was just like...Heavenly Father, you´re funny you know that hahah...answering my prayers through a talk in church!! I ´ve been praying and studying a lot about the atributos de Cristo this week, but more importantly Patiencia and Love...I seriously don´t want to think bad things about my companions or members that I work with...I want to be more like Christ so that I can learn how to love and learn how to help them!! Maria Lucia gave her talk about patience and love. I was just sitting there feeling the spirit so strong, kind of like a clarity, that I know that I can develop patience, but I always have to do my part!! WE always have to do our part in order for miracles to happen!! I don’t remember where this scripture is in the Book of Mormon.tal vez in Ether, but it says that only after our test of faith will milagres happen!! I know that Heavenly Father will answer our prayers, and that he will bless us when we show him that we trust in him.
WE have a family that we´re teaching. Rossana and Ubiratan...we taught them 1 liçao and the next lesson we taught 1 again because they had doubts about it (ubiratan mostly) and recommitted them to pray about it!  The next lesson we taught Rossana about baptism and we marked her baptism for 27 of December! She said yes..the next day we went by and she said that she thinks that she was already baptized in this church...with 2 elders..but after she was baptized she traveled somewhere and then she moved and she just kind of got lost and nobody found her again...so this week we have to look her name up in the records to see if she was confirmed...hahah seriously was like..ummm how did that happen!!?? haha but yeah whatever..
Gotta run.

-sister Talentino

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