Week 21 - Feliz Ano Novo - Happy New year

I love the pics...its all good to me...maybe the week of the beach will be a different story but for now it´s all good!!
the grocery store is about 5-10 minutes walking, and yeah we have a fridge! I bought apples and oats today so I can have breakfast!! haha
I love that quote; Sister Leal uses that quote a lot with out pesquisadores (investigators)!! 
It´s from Uchtdorf!! (mom note: The quote I sent to Natalie is, "Doubt not your faith, doubt your doubts.")
This week was a little rough cause of Natal, and I LOVED talking to you guys but yeah, I cried a lot after the skype call..to be honest!! I was a mess lol...but each day I’m getting better! During the day I don’t think about it because I don’t have time to waste and think about the things that I miss from home. The rough part is at night after we plan and I'm getting ready for bed..just thinking about all of our pesquisadores (investigators) and the people in my life...it´s a lot to think about haha! but I’m just so grateful for the plan that god has for each one of us! The knowledge I have that the people in my life are in my life for a reason!! It just makes me feel that much better, and grateful!!
I feel a little desanimada (down) sometimes, but I have great people around me that are helping me out..other sisters, and especially our recent conversos (converts)!! They just make me feel so good about the work that we do, so that they can be that much closer to our Heavenly Father!!
There´s always going to be dificuldades, but I know that I can overcome them!
I love my companion, she´s the sweetest! it´s always hard to adjust to working with someone knew after a transfer with another Sister/Companion...but I´m learning a lot...com certeza!! not much happened this week...we met some people this week but a lot of people will travel for the holidays and they wont come back until Fevereiro, after Carnival!!.....but yeah...just gotta keep working harder and harder! There´s always room to improve!

Love and miss you guys! boa semana, e até 2016 ;)
Feliz Ano Novo!!
                      La Jesus Family - Natalie went to their house to Skype us on Christmas.

                                                     Christmas Breakfast
                                                                    Christmas Day
                                                          Monica, Maria, Ellen, Evenlly, Francoize

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