Week 42 - 9 Months in the mission!

                                                      Real Maple Syrup 

Love you too mom.... I don’t feel like writing a big long letter this week cause not a lot has happened.... this week. I will think about my testimony that I will give to Maddie smith and next week I´ll send it...pode ser?

I don’t know how things will be with the new news on pants and all that...I don’t want to wear pants but the sunglasses would be good, or a hat...I don’t know we have to wait and hear from our Presidente! 

This week was a little rough cause of some health problems...but lets just say that everyone is better now and we a re all doing good here in Sousa!!!!
I am just so grateful to be here and to see the Lord´s hand in the lives of these people. We are having some difficulties with some people progressing for a little bit but then they just don’t want more...it´s really hard to stay positive when there are a ton of people lying to you or rejecting you...but in these moments you have o stay positive and have the hope and faith that everything will be okay and that my Savior knows how I feel and through His Gospel and through His Sacrifice, it will all be okay!!!

Sister Talentino

Moroni 7:33!!

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