Week 3 - New Calling = Sister Training Leader

Sao Paulo Missionary Training Center

This week was a rough one!! all of my Brazilian friends left and it was so hard to say bye to everyone!! Ugh I cried so much!! But yeah I knew that I didn't want to be down and sad all week, but little things would just remind me of everyone!! II had an experience though!! One day..I don´t remember which day...but I was in the lunchroom and I was like I should go talk to the new sister missionaries that came in! So I went up to talk to them, I knew one of the sisters from BYU before! She was in my ward, sister Neal! Anyway...later that day one of the girls broke down! I guess it was all too much for her at one time!! So yeah I don´t know why I had the idea to go and talk to those sisters but later that day I found out that I got a calling! I´m the new Sister Training Leader! I basically make sure all the sister missionaries are okay and that they know what they are doing their first week here! I don´t know what I had the idea to go and talk to those girls, but then i was like...oh no way!! I was supposed to cause that´s one of the reasons I´m here! To help and comfort people!!
I don't know I just thought it was a cool experience!! one of my friends that left this week said he knew I was going to be a good person or someone that he wanted to get to know was because when we first met I was smiling! LOL I remember that time cause we were doing service and one of the workers was speaking SUPER RAPIDO to me and I was like ummm ya no...no entendo!! and I was just smiling trying to get through the comfortableness and the struggle!! I just try to smile and be happy so others will be too! I mean most of the time I do smile...but every once in a while when I´m down I know that I need that support too!! I just love being here and I love what I am doing!! We have been teaching a lot more and every time we teach we pray to invite the spirit!! It is the most comforting thing when the spirit is there when you teach because they probably don’t understand half of my broken Portuguese!! It´s still so awesome because just because I don´t speak their language that well, they can still understand the love I have for them and the love their Heavenly father has for them through the Spirit!! IT´s honestly just the best!!! I love my district and I love my teachers and I love the food here!!!!!

Sao Paulo Temple

We went to the Sao Palo temple... It just brings so much peace to my heart!! It´s honestly
the best!! 

I forget that I am in Brazil half the time, but I am just so grateful to be here!! This week wasn’t that eventful, sorry guys! Just getting up, eating, studying, teaching, eating, sleeping! The usual hahaha!! Just remember to smile and to love everyone!! it´s hard but it truly makes a difference!! Talk to you guys next week!!!! :)

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