Week 5 English Fast = Eu não falo Inglês

This week has been really good! So on Monday my district started a
WEEK LONG ENGLISH FAST...so we don´t speak English, only Portuguese for
a WHOLE WEEK! yeah. Well...the gift of tongues is real people!!! Ha ha
We fasted on Sunday to have strength and patience for our
English fast and it really has helped, I feel like everyday my Portuguese is improving so much (Until some native person speaks Super Rapido and I think; well here comes the humility haha!). It is going really well and each day is a little better.  Something REALLY cool happened this week! We had a special Devotional where all the missionaries in the São Palo oeste mission came to the MTC and we had different mission presidents speak from the different São palo missions.  I was recorded and is being broadcasted to all of Brazil.  Do you know how many people that is.? ...THIS COUNTRY IS HUGE!

It is also going to be broadcast to some Portuguese branches (congregations) in the USA. So now I´m famous.  Look out for that mom! So the Devotional was about missionary work and one of my favorite parts was when one of the speakers brought up two families that were baptized within this past year and some members of the family bore their testimony of the gospel and how they were so grateful for the missionaries! The gospel principle they stressed is the importance of
missionary work. They said that we know how many seeds are in a apple
but we dont know how many apples come from one seed! So basically we
can change one person´s life and that will lead to so many more
people that will have a better and more beautiful life! I got
emotional because I thought of Dad! Because of the missionaries that
taught my Dad (and my mom for being an AMAZING example lol ;) I had
the privilege to grow up in this church, and now look at me, look at
Doug and Scott and all the people we will bless! 

We really don't  know the impact that we can have on someone’s life and the people that come after them!  I really liked seeing those families and the fruits of our labors! It was a really humbling and powerful moment for me to realize the influence I will have on so many people´s lives!!  11 DAYS TILL IM HEADING OUT TO NATAL! I’m a little nervous to go because I’m just getting comfortable here in the MTC, but I’m excited to teach this Gospel to my brothers and sisters in Natal and to help change their life.  I was reading in Alma 11 this week...so amazing! Jesus Christ lives and he died for us so that we can live with our Heavenly Father again! I love you guys, keep praying and remember even the little things can make
someone´s day!! Keep smiling!! :)

Sister Talentino

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