Week 13 A New Brazilian Companion

 I don’t have a lot of time but the name of my ala is natal...its in mirrasol...this past week we had 82 people in church! I felt muito saudade for Halloween. Sorry my spelling will be really bad cause the keyboard I am using I have to press the keys like wilth 786455789056347 pounds of force to type!!! BUT AYE SCOTT PARA O CTM WAAHHOOOOO!!! the fam is lookin great!! So to be honest I don’t get enough water everyday. We have to order big jugs of water for our apartment and I always ask for a cup of water when we go to people’s house, other than that its juice SEMPRE!!! For breakfast...not much cause we´re poor! fruit or bread or just water; its amazing that our prayers are always answered and that we are always comforted one way or another ..seriously so amazing!!!! 

BAPTISMO THIS WEEK!!!! so yeah don’t have a lot of time but I’m going to talk about baptism this week...he is moises and he is the brother of a member who’s serving a mission right now!! His mom, when he was first being taught, didn’t want anything to do with the church but now she says that her son can be baptized and that missions are amazing and that the evangelho really blesses families!! MILAGRES DA MISSAO...so moises has 9 anos!! Doesn’t he look so happy in the picture I will send haha...But for real he was happy, its just the picture!! but yeah milagre really do happen and I love you all so much...I don’t have much time cause we had pday da zona hoje (super fun) and iI have a new comp...sister Trage...she’s amazing. she’s from Rio Grande do Sur!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! ate

-sister Talentino

                                        My New Companion Sister Trage
                                                                    Moises's Baptism

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