Week 15 Security Officer Sings Jesus!

So this week was just filled with milagres!! So the 2 people that went to church with us last week. They have families that are so elect! so ready to be baptized and to just enjoy the blessings of this gospel! So matheus was interviewed to be baptized this Sunday. But he needs to be interviewed again so this Sunday we´re praying all will be okay! His friend that he invited to church last week, Maria, she is SOOOOOOOOOO elect!! she is just so perfect!! every time we teach her she has the perfect questions and she just understands and wants to know more and she said one lesson that she wants to surety that we have, sister trage and I, she wants the happiness and the surety that we have because of this gospel! ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS PRAY AND ASK TO KNOW IF THESE THINGS ARE TRUE!!!! She should be baptized this Sunday too...she has a sister Mônica and she has 2 filhas, Ellen and Evelyn! Ellen and Evelyn LOVED church!! so did mônica..but it was soo cute, Evelyn is 7 and she said to her mom..Mom I loved church it was so fun, did you like it too, we can come back right?! minha nossa it just warmed my heart to know that what I and sister trage are teaching, through the holy ghost, they can know that this gospel is true and that their lives will be blessed and changed forever!! serio!! I just am soo happy to be here in natal serving a mission!! At times my patience is tested because people don’t complete the compromissos (promises?) that they make to rad the Book of Mormon, or pray or go to church!! THESE 3 THINGS ARE SO SIMPLE YET SOOO IMPORTANT!!! but I know I have to show love and faith and to really help these people in order for them to grow and to really change their life for the better!!!

Something funny that happened this week was when sister Trage and I were making contacts in the rua (street) and we walked up to this guy who was a security officer so he was kinda big and muscular with his uniform and we start to say oi, tudo bem my name is sister Talentino and this is sister Trage, somos missionaries...then he says I was a missionary too..yeah for the Assemblaia (apostasia) and he started to straight up sing to us, a song about Jesus, with hand motions and everything...I seriously wish that I had a picture of my face and sister Trage´s cause we just did not expect that at all!! hahaha it was sooooo funny...we seriously died laughing when we were walking away!!

This coming week we have 5 baptisms marked and I have faith that all of them will go through!! sorry that my emails are just the worst. I have a hard time thinking of the important things that I want to talk about...I’ll try and do better with that this week with noting what I want to say...but yeah!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! 
Omni 1:26 is a scripture that I have been thinking about this week!!

Oh we got a new bishop this week...bishop Flavio (eu não lembro o nome dele) 

but yeah...LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Remember that everyone is a missionary, not just the youth with a plaqueta!! Work with the missionaries in the ward and really try to share the gospel! Everyone should read and study preach my gospel to know their role in the ward and in missionary work!!! LOVE YOU

-Sister Talentino

Oh something else that was funny was that I was sick this week with like head cold and sinus type thing...but during a lesson I seriously had snot dripping out of my nose. hahaha I was like oh desculpa, and continued to talk about Joseph Smith!! haha during the lesson I was miserable cause I was just so tired and achy, but it was just funny to think about it afterwards!

-Satan doesn’t rest so I wont either!! LOVE YOU

(Mom note:  I think Natalie found her camera cord so she is making up for a lost week of photos. She looks happy and glad she is sharing.)
                                                    Uma Brinquadeira (Game day)

Christmas Tree already?  What happened to waiting for Thanksgiving?????

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                                                   LOL I want to be Beyonce!

                          Natalie snapping a "selfie" during her ward missionary meeting!

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