Week 14 A great Stake Conference

November 9, 2015
Que bom that you and dad are KILLING it with your calling!!! Not a lot of people are motivated in doing family history work here, but I seriously want to change that!! it´s starting to get more popular but I want to help out with that!! Yeah I’m taking care of myself, it´s hot here, sempre tenho sunscreen! I miss Water, não temos a lot but the juice here is seriously sooo good!! sooo many fruits that I never heard of!! acerola for example is SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! Everyday I almost always quase fall! I’m always tripping over something! hahah I guess that’s funny!!! 
This week sister trage and I worked really hard...our zone had big goals this week! This week was conferencia of the stake! IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!!! I have never assited a conferencia that was as spiritual or as good as this one!! tal vez its because we sat in the very front this time hahah!!! Sister Trage and I called the stake president and asked if he could reserve a couple of benches in the front for our pesquisadores...PERFEC haha!! So I lost my charger for my camera. The part the you plug into the wall so I don’t have any new photos this week!! sorry!! I need to buy one or something.idk Ill have to figure that out!! So this week we worked really hard but a lot of our appointments fell through and the people that we made contacts with didn’t live in our area, but all well, refences for other elders or sisters! For example..we do this thing called contato de fogo where we invite the person we are making contactos with to be baptized in the first 5 minutes of talking with them! So I was talking with this lady and she said you know what that’s interesting, Im Espirito da da da da da da da da...em fim she didn’t accept but she was so open to talk about how yeah its important to be baptized and follow the example of Cristo da da da da...and it turns out she lives like an hour from our are...SERIO..ABND SHES ACTUALLY MARRIED!!! you know how hard that is to find here!!! minha nossa haha!!! but all well we gave her contact information to the eldres in her area and I hope that she continues to visit with them and be baptized!! 
There is just so much to talk about with so little time!! I just want to say that each time we teach the Restoration I feel the spirit!! I just can’t deny the things that happened with Joseph Smith, with the autoridade de deus, sacerdócio, with EVERYTHING!! Its just so perfect and when we ask to know that these things are true, we WILL get an answer! We need to have faith the pray with REAL INTENT!!! All we do as missionaries is invited other to do these simple things, and so many people don’t!! JUST DO YOUR PART AND YOU WILL KNOW THAT THESE THINGS ARE TRUE!!! ITS SOOOOO SIMPLE!! HAVE A LITTLE FAITH!!! Also, my testimony of fasting has grown too...through fasting we have seen and experience so many milagres!! I love you guys soooo much and this gospel so much and the things that I learn and feel everyday!! one thing that I also learned is that Missionary work is not just for missionaries. Its also for members!!! WE need to work together to help keep people firm in the church and the gospel! We need to work together to find, teach, baptize and help to continue following the commandments of god!! Read preach my gospel and learn the roles of missionaries and liders in the ward!! read and study preach my gospel with the scriptures...serio!!! Preach my gospel is for EVERYONE!!!
Oh...cool experience!! so sister Trage and I were fast Sunday so we could cumprir nossos metas to have 6 investigators in church. So we invited this couple, Maria and Antonio..else said that they probably wont but maybe! so in Saturday we visited the to teach them and to confirm that they would come with us to conference! there we met their son, matheus! he said yeahill go, for sure!! (MILAGRE) so we haven’t taught him anything about the gospel yet, so when we went to their house on Sunday he was ready (milagre) and he said that hey I invited my friend Maria is that okay (milagre) hahah YESSSS THATS AWESOME!!! So we had Maria and matheus with us in conference...let me just tell you that these 2 are sooo elect!! elese São ELEÍTAS. we marked batismos for them that day and we are going to teach them this week!! Seriously, milagre that we have solid investigators and that they aren’t MOLHES!! Seriously sister trage and I we a little down cause all of our investigators have been BEM MOLHES!!! So this was an answer to our prayers!!!
Have faith people!!! I love and miss you all but I am soooo HAPPY to be here in Brasil where I can bless sooo many people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!


Sister Talentino

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