Week 23 1/11/16

Week 23
This week was a little rough cause a lot of people cortou the gente and we cut (stopped teaching) a lot of people too...so we really are starting over again trying to find people that are willing to change and cumprir the compromissos that we leave them!! but yeah this week was rough...a lot of tears and a lot of ups and downs!!
One story that I have to tell is about Wellyngton (my first baptism). He hasn’t been confirmed yet so we have been visiting him, but the problem is that he works a lot and he´s started to drink and smoke again! Em fim, we passed by his house, I think it was quarta-feira (ummm I think its Wednesday) day 6 of January, at night time and we were with Thiago and Emanoel (recent converts) and we started talking with wellington and we started to ask how he was, how´s it going with work, with The word of Wisdom (alcohol/cigarettes) ...he said that he stopped drinking but he doesn’t want to give up smoking...tá bom! So I start talking to him about The Gift of the Holy Ghost that he needs to receive for his baptism to be complete! He said to me, `No, the Mormons isn’t the church for me, I’m not gonna go back, no, it´s not for me` Tá bom...sister Leal started talking and I was just fighting back the feelings of anger and sadness! I started talking again after sister Leal and I was asking questions and explaining that we can be happy for ever, not only here on this earth right now, when we keep the commandments, when we partake of the sacrament, when we really esforcar to be better and to be more like Christ!! Side note: it´s really annoying to be when we explain to people what they need to do to receive blessings, but they just wont do it! They say that they want to be blessed, they say that they want to follow the example of Christ, but then when we ask them to actually do something, they´re like awwww nah, I want to go to the beach, nahh I want to keep smoking cause it´s just too hard to quit!.em fim, back to wellington!! something amazing happened to me...I was praying to know what I needed to say to help him get back to church. At this point sister Leal was talking again and I was just listening and praying and all of a sudden I think Alma 5...alright I knew that Alma 5 talks about repentance but I didn´t know what verse...all of a sudden 32 popped into my head!! I had no idea what this verse said, but I thought tá bom lets see!! LET ME JUST TELL YOU THAT THIS VERSE WAS PERFECT!!!! This part of the Book of Mormon is literally perfect!! It will burn anyone and anything if they aren’t following the commandments lol!! But yeah...I read the scripture and I just felt filled with the spirit. I just started to talk and explain the scriptures in Alma 5:32-35 ( I read a little more than just 32) and I felt the spirit so strong! after all that wellington still said, `yeah I know, but no Mormon isn’t for me, I wont go back.`UGH THE ANGER!!!! haha I started to talk and he started to talk and I was like Wellington, I just want to bear my testimony to you, posso falar?! em fim, I bore my testimony to him about our Savior...I felt the spirit so strong and I just had so many emotions, I was just talking and bearing my testimony and lightweight quemando him! When we left the tears came...I cried a lot! Sister Leal helped me and comforted me, but I was filled with so much anger and love and sadness! It´s just so hard to explain the feelings that I had...I did literally all that I could do, and he chose not to listen. That moment I think I understood a little bit more of what our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ feel when one of us doesn't follow the commandments, or when we choose not to repent! Because of this experience, I learned a lot! I grew THAT much closer to my Savior! 

different day: Another example that tested my patience. We were teaching a young girl, Wandala, the Restoration and literally SHE TALKED SOOO MUCH!! I started to explain the First vision, and after she said that she didn’t understand and that she wasn’t paying attention (ugh) and so I started to explain that Joseph Smith saw Jesus Christ and God and then she started to talk over me and she kept asking questions like How did Joseph Smith die...hahah now I can laugh about it but literally it was so annoying and a test of my patience. But that literally happened 6 times I said the same phrase, `Joseph Smith saw Jesus Christ and God and then something happened, she started to talk or somebody walked by and she wasn’t paying attention ahaha..it was just so strange!! So yeah that was that and I was really annoyed because I just didn’t feel the spirit, but after that we had another lesson just like the lesson with wandala, I wont go into details because I don’t have a lot of time, but lets just say that Dona Maria chose not to follow the example of Christ and accept to be baptized! She said she believed in Joseph Smith, in Thomas s. Monson and that this igreja was the only church...but when we invited her to be baptized she said no and that she wasn’t ready...we bore our testimonies sobre baptism and about Jesus Christ and that this was the path she should take...and yet Nothing!!! I was getting so frustrated I didn’t feel the spirit! So sister Leal and I left and I was just so annoyed, I had to say a prayer! alright, wahhoo, I feel a little better I said a prayer, let´s go meet Cristiane (pres de Relief society) to go visit a less active Rossana (she forgot she was baptized, we found her, invited her to be baptized, she accepted but she said that she remembered that she was already baptized). Alright, we show up and we walk up to her husband that is sitting outside of their house and we say Oi boa noite and he starts to say, so yeah we´re of the Assembly and we don´t want to know more about your church and we already told you that we are of the assembly and we don’t want you guys to come back!... I was like yeah we know that you´re of that church, you already said that the other day...but then he got up entered the house and he grabbed the book of Mormon and give it to the gente and was like we don’t want this in our house we don’t want that you guys come back, Rossana is at church right now with our neighbor, please just don’t come back! Take your book, give it to someone that will read it, but just don’t come back here!! I was like you gotta be kidding, what kind of day is this! haha it was just a really rough and trying day!! Everyone was denying the gente!!
I guess that´s what I get for praying for help with patience and loving the people here!! haha

I´m really grateful for these experience because I know that I can learn something every time!! usually it´s after the fact, but I´m just so grateful that I know this church is True and that we have the Restored gospel on the earth today, and that right now I have the chance to be in Natal, Brazil to share it with some of the most wonderful people!!

oh...it´s been raining here a lot this week...and that day that was kind of horrible, it rained most of the day and the sky stayed gray and depressing!! hahaha oh the irony!! (makes sense or no?) haha what’s funny to me is that I read Scott’s emails with this vocab bem fancy and what not and I’m over here struggling to remember what is irony...LOLZ!!!
but em fim...I was reading the talk given by Elder Costa about the Sabbath Day..guh it´s sooo good!! GO READ IT!!!! it´s from this past conference!! and also 3 Nephi 18 talks about the sacrament and it helped me strengthen my testimony of the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy and to partake of the sacrament!! 
LOVE YOU ALL!! Love you mom. Praying for the mowreys...love them so much!!
-Love Sister Talentino


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