week 25 Three investigators at church - miracles do happen

                                          Family Home Evening!

Crying cause my friends are getting married without me...but sooo happy for them
 (Megan and syd)!! I missed the snow this year...especially during Christmas, but I’m soo happy to be a missionary in hot weather haha!!  Tell my baby G that I got the videos but the sound isn’t working, but I was laughing really hard cause I remember the music that was with that one!!! ugh my baby is growing up too fast!!! The presentations that she sent I can’t open them, but I’m sure they´re just so good!! Tell baby g tambem the her Portuguese is SOOO GOOD, only a couple of errors, but I understood everything!!! using subjunctive too...minha nossa, muito bem hhhahah!! WAHHOOO BEN IS SET FREE...always praying for them!!
So this week was good, we had our district meeting Tuesday, and the treinemento that our district leader gave Elder Troncoso, was soooooo good!!! talking about how as missionaries we need to have faith, obedience, diligence, and love. when we have these attributes or characteristics, we can keep moving forward even when times are tough, we can baptize, we can find the people that are ready to accept the message of the restored gospel....it was just really good cause I’ve been feeling a little bit down with the area and the work that we´re doing here, (sister leal and I) but anyway it was just really good!! I met someone from Morocco this week...we talked with him in the street and his Portuguese was really strange! He´s lived here for 8 months but he´s gonna go back this week to morocco! but the crazy thing is is that my Portuguese was better than his, and I’ve only been in brazil 5 months!!! CRAZZYY...DOM DAS LÍNGUAS!!!!!!! Wednesday we had a treinamento for ALL THE MISSIONARIES in the world, so we all met in alecrim again to listen to this treinemento...SOOOOO GOOD!!!! We basically talked about everything that we all know that we need to do...but now we got to do it and in a better and efficient way to do it! but yeah it was really good!!!
We are starting to have some people that are progressing and really doing the compromissos that we give them to do; like prayer, read the book of Mormon, go to church.... but a lot of people this week have been running away from us or just giving us excuses!!! Sometimes I’m just like `I know that this will bless my life and that I will receive blessings when I do this, but all right if you don’t want blessing in your life tudo bem, Chau.` ugh its just hard sometimes ya know hahah!! BUT I HAVE FAITH!!!
Neai...the mom to Mathues who is serving a mission. She said this week `someone that complains doesn’t have god in Portuguese...`Àlguem que reclama não tem Deus`hahaha I was like hahaha that sounds like my grandmother when she says no whining and no crying....hahah I just started to laugh when she said that..especially since she was complaining about some of the mission rules a little bit before hand!! hahah people are just sooo funny sometimes! This week we planned on baptizing Jessica, but she was never in her house when we passed by, just her mom who is a menos ativa, Vera!! She is sooo awesome, I love her, she keeps saying that she will go back to church and that she will return with her family and everything will be good (her husband isn’t a member) but the past 2 weeks she bailed on going to church!! She´s progregindo, she´s reading the book of Mormon and saying her prayers, but now she needs to come back to church...be an example for her family!! She´s so proud of her son that is serving in Curitiba (remember the elder that met Scott in the CTM) and that she really has the desire to do good and start living the gospel again...MILAGRES DO FILHO NA MISSÂO!!!!!
Friday we had a Family Home Evening with Abraâo and Marilene..we talked about fé and we watched the video of Christ that has all the miracles and curas that he did and I think it´s peter that is telling the story! It really made me think and question my faith!! because Peter has seen the miracles and the power that Christ had, but he doubted when he heard that Christ ressuscitou!! He has SEEN all the things that Christ could do, but yet he doubted here!!! I think Faith is something fragile but at the same time really strong!! Elder Uchtdorf has a quote that I think of often...doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith...something like that!!! JUST something to think about!
Saturday we were just running around trying to get everyone firme to go to church...some people were like no no I don’t think so, but after our message it was like okay okay ill go (3 nefi 18 8-13) but Sunday came and literally no one wanted to go to church...seriously something happened to everyone so they couldn’t go!! I WAS REALLY STRESSED OUT GOING TO CHRUCH!!! because we need to have at least 3 people in church to cumprir/fechar our goals of the week!! I was praying and praying and praying, please heavenly father let there be 3 investigators in church today...GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!!!! We get to church, and I walk in;...guess who´s sitting there...Jonailson and Rose...a couple that´s not married and that are our ex-investigators!!! I WAS LIKE THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THESE 2 WONDERFUL PEOPLE THAT CAME TO CHURCH ON THEIR OWN!!!!! I was still upset that we wouldn’t have closed our numbers for the week, but I was so happy that they came to church! but wait for it...another miracle happened.... after awhile I see NICOLAS outside waiting to enter (he´s the boyfriend to a member and he´s been coming to church and investigating for some time now) WAHOOOO  INVESTIGATORS IN CHURCH!!!!! WAHHOOOOO miracles happen...it´s serious! sometimes I just don’t feel worthy to receive these little miracles or blessings because I know that I can work harder or do that much more (there´s always more that I can do, I feel like that), but I know that my heavenly Father is looking out not only for me but for his other children too like Rose and Jonailson and Nicolas!! 
WE also had a phrase that was said in church today, `the scriptures are a map to return to live with God`
it´s so true...I’m always finding more and more scriptures each day in the Bible and the Book of Mormon that are just so perfect for me in my life and my trials as a missionary but also for our investigators!!! I’m so grateful to be a missionary now in brazil! I feel more and more closer to my Savior each day!!
Transfers are this week...I will be sad to leave (if I leave) but I’m just praying to be happy with whatever is going to happen! I just want to do the will of my Heavenly Father!!!
I LOVE ALL OF YOU...sorry my emails aren’t that great, but just know that I’m praying for everyone!!! I got all the letters and packages that everyone sent for Christmas!!! I’m just so blessed to have such an amazing family...thanks for everything!!!


-Sister Talentino

Elder Troncoso (far left) Elder Sales, Elder Church and Elder S. Martins
Sister Alarcón, Sister Leal (minha comp.) Sister Lemos, and I

 Elder Tavares....our AP..he´s from Recife and he goes home this week

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