Week 24 1/18/16 The snow is lookin good!

Eating Veggies for my Dad!

The snow is lookin good!! Have fun!! Its been raining a lot here!! It rains for about 10-15 minutes and then it stops!! It´s a little more humid too, but still hot and more hot!! This week I hit my 5-month mark.... crazy time is flying by a little bit faster now! We had our interviews with Presidente Soares this week, and he gave me some great advice for some duvidas and insecurities that I had/have! I can tell how much my language has improved and my conhecimento of the gospel has grown too...I still have so much more to learn com certeza but I’m just so happy that my Heavenly Father is helping develop more talents through my mission and the work that I am doing here!!
I´m trying to have more patience and hope...cause Sister Leal and I have not had a lot of investigators that are progegindo that fast or they need to get married which will demora (I forget this word in ingles) 1-3 months or they have other problems with some other commandments! Or they just don´t do what we ask them to do, read the book of Mormon, pray, live the commandments!!
I think this transfer I have learned a lot about patience, hope, and how to cut people! not cut people literally but to stop teaching them hahah!!

There are some things that happened this week that we just a little rough emotionally...I wont go into detail because it´s personal to some of the people that were involved! After the mish, remind me to talk about it haha!! But yeah, I´m just really grateful for the power of prayer! There´s a scripture that says something like Always pray so that you don´t fall to temptation...I think it´s in Mosias but I don´t remember right now!! ALWAYS pray...always pray, so that we can receive blessings from our heavenly father, so that we can receive strength, comfort, peace, love...whatever we need!!

Something funny that happened this week was that we were teaching a lesson to this moça, Wandala, and it was just not going great haha! While Sister Leal was talking, a galhina (chicken I think) started to come closer and closer...I was like get away please please please just get away, haha but it just kept getting closer and closer lol!! The chicken ended up straight chillin in the middle of our lesson between all of us...haha straight chillin!! hahaha like seriously, just so funny!! Looking around at everyone, like you got food for me or what?! haha

Sunday we had an experience really spiritual!! We were on our way to teach Jean, our pesquisador (19 years old) and we knocked on his door and we heard a small voice asking who’s there! we were like SISTERS, then she opened the door!! t was Maria, the mom to Jean! WE already met her from trying to get in contact with Jean, but we haven’t taught her anything yet! She was half sleeping in the hammock, relaxing but she said she was in pain! She had a headache and her mouth hurt! But she was saying also that she was really grateful for our work and that we our helping her son (he´s working on quitting smoking cigarettes and marijuana.and he´s succeeding WAHHOOO) but em fim, I just felt like we needed to say a prayer with her...Sister Leal said the prayer and it was just so powerful and I felt the spirit!!! It was a spirit of comfort!! The prayer ended and she gave a hug to Sister Leal and she started to cry...she gave me a hug and it was one of the tighter hugs I´ve ever received...It was full of love and appreciation!! It was one of the more grateful moments of my mission because I could see that through the message that we are bringing, and the small changes that are happening in the lives of others, they can feel that love and happiness too!! I could see the sadness and pain that she had, but when we left it was like the pain diminished a little bit! Enough so that she could feel the Love of her Heavenly Father in her life at that time, through the power of the Holy Ghost!
It was just a great experience for me, because we haven´t baptized in a while. but through that experience I really felt that I was fulfilling part of my purpose as a missionary, helping her be that much closer to her Heavenly Father and that much closer to being on the right path, following Jesus Christ´s example!!

I´m so grateful for my mission and all the things that I´ve been learning and all the experiences that bring me that much closer to my Savior Jesus Christ!!

Pray for Jean and Maria, Neia and Marcio, and Jessica, Vera and José....two of theses families that we are working with that have sons that are serving missions (Jerfeson(the elder that Scott met in the ctm) and matheus)! We are working to complete their families so that they can be an eternal family!!

mosias 2:22.... this scripture is so PERFECT!!! it says to keep the commandments and we will be blessed 3 times in a row in the same versiculo!! THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST IS SOOOO SIMPLE!!!! just do it!!

-Love Sister Talentino
 Selling Crabs
 Sister Leal and I

Ponta Negra

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