week 32 - I am a trainer!

So this week was an adventure!! We had transfers this week and I was nervous that I would be called to train a new missionary, because everyone was saying ah yeah you´re going to train, no doubt. blah blah blah!! So Usually we get a call Monday, on our pday, if we are going to train because we have to travel the next day to get to Natal to meet our new companions!! So Monday, during pday I was all nervous and what not and jumping every time the telephone rang!! but at like 6:30 at night I was like ahh they would have called by now,de boa!! and then our LZ´s Elder Aguiar and Elder Andrade (love them) they came to meet all of us to go to a family night and they came up (I was with sister Antunues at the time) and they came up to us all smiling all big and what not and I was like...ummmm what´s up with you guys?? and Elder Andrade said that they received a phone call...and that I was going to train!! haha I started to cry and laugh and smile and everything!! haha I didn’t believe it at first but they just kept saying no no it´s true you need to go to natal tomorrow to get your `filha`haha so yeah I’m a mom now in the mission (with only 7 months!!!!!) and my daughter is Sister Stadler from Curitiba!! SHE´S SERIOUSLY THE BEST!!! LOVE HER!!!!!!

This week I hate to say it but I was sick again! The first night of my fliha was spent in the hospital! the doctor said its a virus that goes away with the medicine but then came back after...sooo right now I’m taking other medicine for my stomach and she said that it should be better now!!! this time it wasn’t as bad as the others, but the doctor said that I need to stay in house and rest for 3 days...so I stayed in a member’s house. While Sister Thomson came and stayed for a couple days to help us in our area!! It turned out great!! I stayed with a member, Fernanda, and his family!! They have an English school cause her husband Brad is from the US but he married her and they live here now in MossorĂ³! Their kids speak FLUENT ENGLISH AND PORTUGUESE, and now they are learning Spanish...hahah it´s crazy!! mom brad sent you a message on Facebook and sorry that it was hard for me to talk English, but I didn't know that he would let me talk and it was just kind of in the moment and I panicked!! Just know I love you and miss you a ton but I’m so happy to be here in Brazil!

We had a baptism this week. Daniel...He´s 12 years old and we are teaching his family! right now his parents are working on getting married, so it´s going to take a while to get married but it´ll be all worth it!! It´s hard with the people here cause literally everyone is getting sick and it´s a sickness that really serious, Zika, Dangue and Chikungunya (don’t know how to spell that last one) hahah but literally everyone has it and it´s so hard cause the people that say, aww we can't go to church cause we´re sick, literally are like the walking dead haha!! or we also have the other people that have like a headache and say they have dengue and they cant go t church with us..whatever!! hahah

This week was great but I’m just excited to get better and help and work with my fliha!!! She is just the sweetest and the greatest!! she´s going to help me a lot feel more excited and animated to work!! Fresh out the CTM ahah!!

I seriously am just so grateful for this church, for the gospel of Jesus Christ, for the Power and Authority of God that was restored on the Earth that blesses every single one of us in ways that we can’t even imagine!!
I got a priesthood blessing when I was sick from Elder Harris, Elder Aguiar and Elder Henriwue!! When Elder Harris said my name it sounded like Dad was saying my name and I just felt a calming and a peace that came over me!! ugh I am just so grateful for everything that I have because of my Savior!! He literally is everything. The reason we are here with our families, on this path to return to our Heavenly Father!!!

Yesterday night I also watched the LDSface2face single adult fireside with Holland...so

good!! His testimony brings tears to my eyes and a fire to my heart!! haha

LOVE YOU GUYS!! sorry no pictures. The computer isn’t working!!! 
LOVE YOU, have a great week:)

do you have elders or sister in the ward now???

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