Week 31 Birthday breakfast in bed. Happy Birthday Natalie!

Natalie’s email 3/7/16

That´s sooo awesome about Dad teaching all that Family History!! and you também
mom haha but yeah you and dad are such great teachers!!! I hope one day I can be like you guys lol!! But yeah it was my birthday yesterday...even though it didn’t even feel like it!! haha I forgot at some points of the day that it was my birthday!! But everyone in the ward and the missionaries here were like ahhhh feliz aniversário!!! ahhhh and I had some missionaries call me to say happy birthday! it´s nice to feel loved haha!! but yeah I also got Breakfast in Bed :) Sister Antunes, Lerner and Barbosa made breakfast for me and they gave me breakfast at like 6:20..I was like ummmm I have 10 more minutes to sleep...THANK YOU so much but can I just sleep 10 more minutes hahaha...ridiculous I know, but at 6:30 I got up said my prayers and gave them big hugs and enjoyed my breakfast in bed!!! After that I was running around to get people to church and what not!
but let me start from the beginning of this week!!! the other p-day was the birthday of Elder Harris...he´s from Beaver Utah and now he´s our District Leader, so we made him a cake and all of our district got together in a member´s home and ate lunch and cake and we also got permission from president to play just dance...it was legit!! but yeah it was really great to be together as a district:)
sooooo Tuesday/Monday night I got sick again!! I had the same thing but it came back! I think the antibiotics I was taking just wasn’t strong enough or my body got immune to it!! This time I had more pain in my stomach so we went to the hospital right away, at like 11-12 at night!! got a couple of injections, slept a little bit and went home! so Tuesday I stayed in house with sister Barbosa. The next day I had an examine to make sure that everything was all right inside of me!! AND WAHHOO I only had a minor infection in the stomach, nothing too crazy! So this time he gave me a different antibiotic and now I’m great!!! just a little scare!!  and on Thursday we had our zone meeting..and the training that we had was soooo good!! Just talking about how important it is to acompanhar (???? I forget in English...tipo check up/follow up) the people we teach! It was just a really good training!! Thursday night a rapaz (?? boy??) from the ward got his mission call, his name is Gustavo, and he´s going to São Paulo Oeste! (west) it was sooo weird cause about 1 year ago I was opening my mission call...minha nossa how the time is flying by!!! We have another rapaz that opening his mission call last week and he is going to Buenos Aires Leste (East) haha Trunky...started to cry when he opened his call because I thought of dad and just the blessing of a mission and the power of our calling!! It´s just such a miracle and privilege to be a missionary and to testify of Jesus Christ EVERYDAY! ugh such a benção!! Friday sister Lerner was sick..she went to the hospital and I went to visit everyone with Sister Barbosa...and let me just tell you that we got caught in a HUGE RAIN STORM!!! haha the street wasn’t a street anymore it was a river!!!  It was ridiculous!!! and a little dangerous and disgusting cause there´s a lot of trash in the street and it was just really disgusting!! smelled terrible too!! but it was just soo funny cause a gente were just running down the street and all of a sudden it started to thunder and lighting and sister barbosa and I were screaming and running and dodging obstacles in the street to try and run for cover!! Sister barbosa at one point lost her sandal in the water and it was just floating down the street hahahaha we had to run back and grab it. It was just ridiculous!!

Paula and Roberto: a couple that went to church with their family, Daniel (12), Gabriel (7), Isabel (3), and Maria Clara (1)! THEY LOVED CHURCH and the testimony meeting...we went back to their house Sunday night and we got them committed to marry in the civil (the same??) like legally marry and also to be baptized after they are married...and they accepted!!! AHHH and Roberto didn’t smoke one cigarrete yesterday...he usually smokes 3 packs (that´s 60 cigarettes) everyday...MIRACLES HAPPEN (you can’t tell me you didn’t sing that one song in your head from Princess Diaries) haha I am sooo excited for this family!!!!

Literally everyone here is sick with Dengue or the other sicknesses that are related (they have weird names and I never remember them) so it´s been a little hard!!!
Oh yesterday Normando called the gente to meet him in front of the chapel! He gave me a box of chocolate and said Happy Birthday and then after that he was like well I just wanted to say happy birthday and also that I just can´t do this anymore! IT´s been great but I can’t keep reading the Book of Mormon and go to church when I keep doing these bad things, (tipo when he knows the gospel but not living it)!!! ugh it was hard. We talked to him about 5-10 more minutes and it was his final decision and I’m just like AHHHHHH NOOOOOOO...3 weeks of hard work and you´re just going to give up!! ugh after we were like well see ya later, and we went our separate ways I started to cry!! ughh...dang it!! I´m supposed to be happy on my birthday!!!  So I decided to be happy! I know that in our life we have free agency and that is part of Heavenly Father´s plan!! I am so grateful for The Plan of Felicidade because it really does bring felicidade in our lives!! I´m so grateful for my mission, the time that I get to serve my Savior and to become more like him Everyday!!!

This week I was reading in Alma...I think alma 9 or something that that, talking about Alma and how he was baptizing EVERYONE!! BATIZADOR!!!! and after that he was called to go to Amonia (??) and teach and literally everyone was denying him and spitting on him and just not listening!! and I was like MINHA NOSSA I know how you feel!!!!! and he was like really sad but an angel came to him and said that he needed to go back...and what impressed me was that he went back and in the scripture it said  (ele voultou rapidamente..somthing like that) he went back quickly hahah sometimes scripture in Portuguese make more sense and have more of an impact!! but yeah...something I learning was that it´s okay to be sad when people reject the truth..but not to stay in the sadness! but really look up in faith and to go back and give it your all!! NEVER GIVE UP!! Alma went back to the people that rejected him and threw him out as fast as he could, because he had faith and because he had a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ!!! BATIZADOR!!!!  I was like...minha nossa I really needed to read that!! MIRACLES HAPPEN  I love being a missionary:)

I want to tell about so many things but I don’t have time ughhhh...I’ll write them in my journal and let you know after.


-Sister Talentino

JORGE, meu amor

the infamous mark of Chacos!!!

Our Zone n Mossoró


Birthday breakfast

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