Week 26 Transferred this week to Mossoro

TRANSFERÊNCIAS ESTA SEMANA!!! now I´m in MOSSORÓ ABENÇOADO!!! it's so hot here compared to Natal!! The sun is a lot stronger here!! sorry if my grammar is horrible...I’m forgetting English grammar...I never was really good at grammar, but now I can´t even speak out loud to see if it sounds right...ha-ha!! ridiculous!! but yeah this week was transfers...Sister Leal stayed in Natal...so did Sister Alarcón and Sister Lemos...and I got sent to MOSSORÓ...about 5 hours North from Natal!! I turned Senior also, so I am responsible for what we do as a dupla!! a little more responsibility, but I’m excited to be here in Mossoró! I´m with Sister Lerner...another sister from Rio Grande do Sul (3rd companion from rio grande do sul of the 4 that I had!) Cray...you´re week sounded great... that pick of the Logan temple is sooooo beautiful!!!!!! 
Logan Temple 
I miss the snow ( I never thought I would say that!!) but yeah anyway...
I´m here in Mossoró, and I am so excited to be here...we worked really hard to get people to church this week but in the end we only had one person...I was a little upset cause we fasted Saturday until Sunday afternoon so that we could have people in church so that we could have baptism next week...but everyone was like no I’m sick, or something happened, or they weren't in casa, oh someone in their family didn’t let them leave the house.....UGH it was just like you gotta be kidding me!! one lady was like no you can follow you're path/way/cominho and I will follow my way.  I just felt so sad and mad at the same time!! When we were waiting for the bus to pick up the people that were going to go to church, I had a prompting to open and read the Book of Mormon...beeza, I opened up the Book of Mormon and I was flipping through the pages and I saw a scripture that I already marked and I started to read...alma 6:6, talking about how we pray and fast for those that haven’t had the chance to conhecer deus (know God)...something like that!! I was like ha ha ha...Pai Celestial you´re funny. I almost cried because it was like a smack in my face! I fast and pray not for me or for my glory to have numbers of the week or something like that, but it´s for the well being of the children of God that haven´t had the chance to know the ospe, or know the path they should take to live with their Heavenly Father again...I was like sorry Pai, I will do better and be more humble and help those in need that are ready to be helped!!! 
It was a learning experience for sure!!! so yeah I´m in Mossoro 1..ala Mossoro (Mossoro ward)...we share the building with another ward, Belo Horizonte (Elder Harris and Elder Webb) 
Oh another funny experience happened! WE received a reference from our zone leaders (elder andrade and Elder Aguiar) and we were looking for her building that she lived in....we weren't finding it (this was Sunday night) and we were asking everyone and no one heard of the residence where she lived!! Sister Lerner and I said a prayer and we felt that we needed to continue with following this street in the direction that we were going...the funny thing is is that this HUGE RAINSTORM WAS COMING AT US!!!! It was like ´WHAT ARE WE DOING`hahah the sky was PITCH BLACK coming at us with these HUGE clouds and we just started to laugh cause I was like minha nossa we´re crazy!!! no one was in the street...everyone was walking towards us running away from the storm and Sister Lerner and I were walking into the storm...and while we were walking NO one knew where this residence was!! haha but Sister and I kept looking....about 20/30 minutes walking in the Pouring rain we asked this lady and homen in the street...and they were like we don’t know but we will help you find them (new pesquisadores now hahah) and after about 10 more minutes we found the place she lives!!!  Her name is Lucia and em fim we marked baptism dela for 14 of February! 

-Amo vocês!!!!
 Sorry if I don’t send pictures cause the computer is all messed up and my camera isn’t connecting!!!

love you


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