week 30 I can't believe I'm turning 20!

So next week is transfers, this week is the last week of this transfer! I can’t believe that I’m turning 20...ridiculous! I still feel so young...how can this be happening haha!! Yeah...I’m all good with my health! dad...fica tranquilo!! We didn’t even let sister Soares know that I went to the hospital until after the fact because it was all rushed and what not...me literally throwing up my insides hahah...but yeah all is good!!! I got a priesthood blessing and got better bem rapidão!!! This week was great...a little stressed cause we were planning a surprise birthday party for her on Friday...IT TURNED OUT GREAT!!! but it was really stressful! So since we were planning and doing things for the surprise party and also one day we spent the day in the area of the other sisters to help them since their area is a little bit more difficult, we had to work super hard this week to get people to church and to cloe our goals this week! But all went well. This week a lot of trials happened...I’m learning a lot of patience and love and humility! I LOVE chapter 6 of Preach my Gospel!! LOVE LOVE LOVE...also 5 about the power of the Book of Mormon! I´ve been studying these chapters a lot lately! More about the power of the book of Mormon and Trying to be more like Jesus!! (singing that primary hymn ahah) 
but yeah with one investigator, Normando, I have a lot of stress! haha he´s really great but he has some problems with the Word of Wisdom...like serious problems!!!! So yeah it´s just really hard cause I can tell it´s hard for him but at the same time I just feel like TRY HARDER!!!! ha-ha (patience) and I just feel so much love for him and the struggles that he has had in his life because of the decision that he´s made and now he wants to change things around and he really has been improving but minha nossa it´s hard!! We had it planned for him to be baptized Sunday, but didn’t turn out! Our plan is to talk with him today and see if he´s ready for Wednesday or probably next Sunday!! AHHHHH stress...but good stress, cause it´s out of love for some of these people!!!
Sunday Jorge was confirmed, and received the Holy Ghost!! I love this rapaz...I feel like a mom with him haha, always saying be careful, and do the right things and what not! Ugh love him...Future missionary!!!!! wahhooo...his mom almost didn’t let him go to church cause most of his clothes were wet and he didn’t have any clean clothes. She said ´what´s he gonna do, go to church nude...?`hahah I was like ummm no, put on some dirty clothes who cares hahah lets goooo!! haha  But yeah all went well.
So yeah my time is up to write, but just know that I love you mom and I’m excited for this week of hard work and for our birthdays this month!! I LOVE MARCH...best month of the year!!!
Oh Shout out to my best friend Virg for her birthday yesterday!!! :)

I’m so grateful to be a missionary and to feel my Savior's love everyday!!
I´m so grateful for my parents...literally THE COOLEST and MOST LEGIT parents ever...thank you mom and dad for your example to me and for just being the best!!!

xeiro, beijo, abração

-Sister Natalie Talentino

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