week 35 -Sad to leave Mossoro!

So this week...minha nossa it was rough! So it started out like any other week...pday, on Monday! we relaxed in home...and after we went to go eat acai before we had a family home evening with a member.... that night I got sick. that same way! throwing up and all that good stuff....so yeah I think it´s the acai that isn’t good for me!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
worst thing that could happen...get sick because of acai!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO so yeah the next day I had to stay in home to rest and then when I go back to work with my comp, sister stadler, minha filha, we worked hard!
you guys remember me talking about Normando?? well he was interviewed to be baptized this week and he hasn’t been using drugs or anything!! he stopped using for 2-3 days in a row!! MIRACLES HAPPEN!!! so yeah on Thursday we went after lunch to go help Elder Aguiar and Elder Andrade in their area...we picked up normando so he could be with us and not just at home being tempted to break the word of wisdom again. When we got to their area and met up with them is when everything started to get crazy! Elder Aguiar started to say that they got a call from the assistants about how there would be an emergency transfer right now! I was like no way...you are going to be transferred wooahhah! (thinking that they would be transferred and not me) and that´s when Elder Harris turned to me and said that they all love me but that I will be transferred to sousa the next day. AAWHHAAATTTT! My mouth just stayed open for about 5 seconds trying to process what he was saying!! after that I started to feel the pain and the sadness. that I would miss he baptism of Normando that was marked for Saturday, all my recent converts here, Jorge, Carlos, Daniel. The people that we are teaching that would be baptized too, Alice, Eduardo, Douglas.....My FILHA sister STADLER! the district that I love so much..these sisters and elders! I was just soo happy and comfortable where I was at that point in my mission in Mossoró!...tears started to come into my eyes too! I started to talk to Sister Barbosa and she had an amazing idea! `let´s baptize Normando today..right now` I just started to cry...that was the ONE thing that I wanted to be apart of! they talked to the elders and then I talked to Normando! and I told him first that i would be going to sousa tomorrow...he was like aww really , good luck!! haha then I said and I would really like to be apart of your baptism!....he started to say aumm but I was getting ready for Saturdayaaaaaaaaaaa..then Elder Harris came in and started to say that you´re ready and some other things like that! Normando said that he would think about it...THE LONGEST MINUTE OF MY LIFE haha...then all of a sudden he said `BORA`haha let´s go!!
Let me just tell you that this was the most spiritual baptism that I have ever been apart of! I felt the true love and miracle of the power of the Atonement!! When he was baptized I had to go to the bathroom and I just cried and cried and cried! I knew that he was clean. Normando had a new life with NO sins! the power of the atonement is real!
I was like a fairy tell ending to my time here in mossoró! When I had to say bye to everyone, I cried and cried and cried!!...when I was crying I remembered a scripture, John 16>33...my Savior knows how I feel. And he suffered so that I can be happy and have peace in my life!
Sousa is so great. I’m struggling a little to be happy, but I know that when I start to meet more people and start teaching people I will feel more love for these people and for the gospel!! I love this gospel...I LOVED the talk by Holland!! KILLED IT!!!! hahaha I NEEDED conference this week! this week was rough but I’m so grateful for my trials so that I can get closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior and!
I LOVE THIS GOSPEL! it´s perfect! I love you all...oh I’m here in sousa with Sister Lerner again as my companion! haha crazy how things work!! But yeah, I know this church is true and that the power or the atonement is real I love my Savior and I love being a missionary!

-Sister Talentino

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