week 37 - Working in Sousa

That mermaid picture is me...haha!!  (mom note: Natalie always told Genevieve that she really was a Mermaid - G still wondering if it is true (:). That´s so funny that baby g is still thinking about that lol!! but yeah mother´s day is in 3 weeks...I don’t know where we will go to do skype or what time, but the rule is to only have one ligação (call) but we can do a conference!?? what would be easier for you guys?? what´s your guys’ schedule, like what day will you guys leave and what not?!
But yeah this week was a great week! Sister Lerner and I have been praying and fasting to find families and men to teach and to strengthen the branch here is Sousa. SOO MANY MIRACLES HAPPENED this week! just recognizing the Lords hand in our work! One day, for example, we were heading back from lunch and our plan was to go home for about 1 hour to do some paper work and what not, but what came to mind was to visit a less active and his wife who isn’t baptized yet. When we got there the Less active was there, José Carlos, and he was smoking a cigarette. So we stopped and started to teach him a little...then after a little bit a man walked in front of his door and José Carlos called him to sit and listen to us...hahah it was crazy! His friend´s name is Paulo and minha nossa he was a talker and he had lots of questions. He would ask a question and then before we even finished answering him he had another question. haha it was like alright let´s go....in the end we marked to go back and teach his friend and his family later in the week. When we were getting ready to leave, José Carlos and us were outside of his house saying bye to him and then out of no where he points to a man walking down the street and he said you should talk to him. he needs God in his life haha...so José Carlos called him over and we met Mariano! Let me just tell you that this was the turning point of our week. Mariano invited us to his house and we stayed in the front to talk to him and his son Mateus (18 yrs. old) who was baptized about 6 year ago but not confirmed and we marked to go back the next day in the morning so that we could teach his whole family!! LET ME JUST TELL YOU THAT THIS FAMILY IS SO PRESH!!! I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!! we went back the next day and taught The Restoration and marked their baptism for 24 of Abril, and then we filled out their baptismal forms. This family we have Mariano as a single dad, with Mateus (18) and Crisneyan (15) and Crystielle(11) and Isaac (10..the same age as Genevieve so I feel really protective of him haha)...also Marina lives with them who is 13 years who is the girlfriend of Crisneyan...the situation is complicated! but all this week we went back everyday to see how they were, to teach them a little more, to see if they read the Book of Mormon! the first day no one read or prayed, only the dad...the next day everyone read and prayed and they all are really excited to go to church, to keep learning and to ask questions and read the Book of Mormon!! The changes in their lives is just amazing!! I love this family. Saturday we taught the commandments and they have some problem with the Word of Wisdom with coffee and cigarettes. Matues smoke about 20 cigarettes each day, and some of the family drinks coffee. we let Mateus smoke 10 on Saturday and then on Sunday when we asked him how many he smoked he said that he only smoked 10 on Saturday and so far on Sunday only 1...on Sunday he only smoked 5...MIRACLES!!!! he said he doesn’t have that much vontade (?) to smoke anymore!!! Sunday we got to their house and everyone was all ready to go!! everyone LOVED church and they stayed after to see a baptism that the elders had and Matures said that he felt something special in his heart. Everyone we so excited to see the baptism and they all said that they just felt so good at church and they loved every bit of it. Mariano said that he LOVED church and it is just so amazing to see this family grow and grow. Tonight we will have a Niote Familiar (Family Home Evening) with them and they requested that we talk bout Temples...haha I just love this family...I feel like that I came to Sousa just to find this family! Yesterday night (Sunday night) we visited them to see how they were doing, to mark a part in the book of Mormon to read and to give them Cevada to drink instead of coffee. we asked them if they read the part we left for them to read (everyone read) and then Mateus started to explain what he understood (3 Nephi 11) and when he was explaining everything he understood I felt the spirit so strong. I felt like I was the investigator and that he was a missionary teaching me and helping me understand when Jesus Christ came to the Americas. I started to have tears in my eyes just thinking about how his life will be so much better and how much happier they all are because of the gospel. After every lesson they all are like alright who´s going to say the prayer and their prayers are just the sweetest things!! I just feel so blessed to help this wonderful family...Iove them so much!!
we had so many other miracles happen where the Lord just put people in our path to find and teach these people. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! I love my Savior and I hope every one has a great week!!
Ask for miracles with faith and they will happen!!!

-Sister Talentino

oh..i forgot to tell you that when i was in mossoro I had my first dream in Portuguese. It was everyone in my disrict at the time eating lunch in costco! hahah good times!! LOVE YOU

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