Week 38 - Let's go CAVS!

Let’s GO CAVS!!!!!!!!!
haha I miss basketball. We only have soccer here! ha-ha how awesome is that...I love being able to say that yeah I already went to these amazing historical sites...took advantage of them all these years!  I LOVE THE PICS OF THE FAM..sinto tanta falta de vocês!!! oh mom...skype will be hard for me to speak English, just letting you know!
so yeah this week was crazy! I got the call on Monday night that I would be training again a new sister. Sister Lerner was sad and she started to cry...me too, but I was excited too to train again since I left my first Filha in Mossoró!
So yeah Tuesday I had to go to Natal...9-hour bus ride, with Elder Silva (another elder from Zona Sousa that would train) to meet my new companion. We got there late but it´s all good cause I got to see some other missionaries too...like a family reunion. So yeah...We got to Natal and the next day I got to meet my FILHA!!!!!! Sister M. Silva from SÃO PAULO. she is so presh! Love her...I was just really tired this week cause of the trip but I am so excited for this transfer to help my fliha and to be with her in Sousa!! This week we had a great baptism of a family...AHHH IT WAS AMAZING!! I just got a little homesick just thinking of our family, but it´s just so amazing to see the changes in their lives and to see repentance changing how a family acts and treats one another! I cried a little bit on Sunday just seeing this amazing family being baptized together!!! I love this Gospel!!!!
This week I was studying the End of Alma and it talks a lot about Moroni and the wars and what not! but what amazes me is the preparation that they did to defend themselves from the Lamanites. Moroni and his people built fortresses for all the cities! And every time the prepared effectively they won the war. They had faith that everything would turn out right IF they did their part and prepared!!! I am trying to apply his in my life in the mission where I have affective and efficient study and plan eficaz (?) and to do everything I can to be prepared to do the Lord's work and He will do his part!!
but yeah I´m running out of time so I got to go but just remember I love you all and I´m so happy to have a family like you all!! Keep serving and loving and helping others! HELP THE MISSIONARIES!!!! haha work has got to be a little difficult there!!! 
manda um abraço pra todo mundo! amo voces DEMAIS!!!!
-Sister Natalie Talentino

moroni 8:3

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