Week 28 - Lost email

this is from last week (15/2/16):
How awesome that Sister Asuena came and visited!! CRAZY that it was 7 years ago already hahah seems like yesterday!!! ugh...our family is so awesome! Everybody hanging out with everybody haha!!! HOW PRECIOUS Robyn and shane's baby...send me some pics!!!!! Baby g is looking older...STOP IT!!!!!! put a brick on her head por favor haha, how tall is my baby now?  I forgot about valentines’ day until the day before and at church someone reminded me and I was like AWWW HAPPY VALENTINES DAY haha hugging and kissing everyone (not on the lips but on the cheek lol)!!

So this week was a little busy and corrida (I don’t remember this word...I think its similar to busy) but yeah! So Tuesday was Carnival and literally NO ONE was in the street...just the drunk people at the bars! There´s a beach about 45 min-1 hours from us so everyone goes there to travel!! So yeah Tuesday started out good! In the morning we had our district meeting and Elder Azevedo asked me to give the treinamento!! I also made cookies for our little breakfast treats haha!! So yeah I really had a strong impression to talk about the attributes of Christ!!! I focused on 3 attributes because we didn’t have a lot of time, but I focused on the ones that I thought were important for our district and also ones that I have struggled to develop!! Love, obedience, and patience....I´m not going to lie but it was a really good treinamento haha!!1 I felt the spirit and I bore my testimony in the end of our Savior, the Atonement and about missionary work and how everyone needs to develop these attributes so that we can be more like our Savior so that we can have more success in the mission and more happiness in our lives!! It was really spiritual and everyone said that I was a great training! I challenged everyone to pick an attribute to develop and to study this week...so yeah it was a really good treinamento! I am really proud of myself to be honest haha...I really felt that I followed the spirit and gave a good treinamento that will help me but also the district so that we can be better missionaries so that we can help more people!!! so yeah, that was our morning...for lunch an irmá celma gave us lunch (miracle) cause we received money for lunch and we were planning to just go looking for some store or restaurant to be open (literally everything was closed cause of carnival) but yeah Irmá celma saved the day!!!! She prepared a FEAST!!! sooo much food!!! The end of the first round of eating, she started to say, sisters coma mais (eat more sisters) you guys only ate a little bit (LIES!!!!! WE ATE SO MUCH ALREADY) haha but yeah I was trying to figure out what I would eat more of because I really wasn’t hungry at all but I didn’t want to hurt irmás feelings! So as I was deciding, Sister Lerner gave her plate to Sister Barbosa to put some food on her plate...and guess what happened...hahahahah Irmá celma grabbed the spoon and plate from sister Barbosa ( she already picked up some food to put it on the plate) and so irma scooped up a giant serving of this food (pasta with chicken and other stuff) and she plopped it on Sister Lerner´s plate.....hahahahha I started to giggle and to laugh a little bit at the situation hahahah and while I was laughing Irmá came out of nowhere and put an even bigger serving of this food on my plate!!! I DIDNT EVEN ASK FOR MORE!!! hahah remember in the Series of Unfortunate Events when Count Olaf is laughing cause the train was coming to hit the car that had the Bouldelairs where in!! hahah he was laughing and laughing and when the train passed by without hitting the car he was like ummmmmm what....that was my reaction to this situation!! hahah (I can laugh now cause the suffering is over) So I started to eat...little by little...I literally was suffering demais!!!!! I couldn’t finish the food! DISCULPA IRMÀ MAIOS NÂO VAI DAR CERTO NÃO!!! And after that irmá brought out dessert.....HAHAH NOOOOOO MORE PLEASE!!!!! but the dessert was sooooooooooooo good...this coconut type of cheese cake with a dark chocolate cobertura (frosting?) (and the coconut was fresh off of the tree in their backyard!!!!!!!!!)  but I couldn’t finish it!! so sad....em fim, we walked back home and when we got there I laid in the hammock cause I was not feeling well...about 20 minutes after I started throwing up...já era...I threw up everything!!...thank you so much irma..the food was sooo good..better going down than coming up for sure!! but yeah...this day I stayed in house all day with sister Barbosa who wasn’t feeling too good either (she has a cold/ gripe?) we slept and we woke up at 9;30-10  just to go to bed again! but yeah what’s worse is that the next day we had lunch there again hahah on Wednesday...I sat as far away from irma as possible hahahah!!!!

This week was filled with a lot of work. Running around to get people to go to church Sunday, to help them really cumprir os compromissos (to do their promisses?) sometimes the phrases that we use in Portuguese don’t make sense or translate perfectly to ingles...sorry!!
This week, our batisms that we planned to happen didn’t...with a family Ceiça, Bento and their children! we ask and invite them to pray about baptism and about to really know if this church is true and it´s like yeah it´s great but no not now...lets wait a little bit and if it works out then yeah that´ll be good!1 ughhhh...we testify of all the blessing that they can receive (not just ceiça and bento but everyone) if they just go to church if they just say their prayers if they just read this little part of the book of Mormon and pray about it and majority of the people are like nahhhh só deixa nahh all is well!!! it´s frustrating and exhausting!!! But like gram said in her email this week to me and Scott and Rhett...repetition is important and that we are never alone. keep on teaching what is true and working hard!!! 

the days most stressful for me are Saturday and Sunday morning!!!! You are running around Saturday to get everyone firme to go to church and then Sunday morning we have to run around again to wake people up, to get the ready for church and majority of the people flake out!!! I swear I bear my testimony a bazillion times Sunday morning of the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy and the blessings they can receive when they go to church.
but yeah this week we had 6 people go to church with us!! WAHHOOO...the hard work pays off!!!!! Jorge (10 yrs old), Normando, Edineide(mom and sister to a member), Marluce( mom to a member), Kaio(10 yrs old), Cibele(wife to a member)!! the other sisters had 2 baptisms yesterday too..and little Jorge asked me if he can be baptized! OFFF COURSE, next Sunday will be your baptism, okay? hahah he told everyone and all the missionaries yeah I’ll be baptized next week!!! UGH IT WAS JUST SOOO PRESHH  I LOVE THIS LITTLE RAPAZ!!!!

just the little things make me so happy sometimes...to see he growth of the people we teach and bring to church and the see the changes in their lives!! it´s amazing!!!

oh Saturday morning I taught an English class...IT WAS SOOOO HARD TO TALK IN INGLES!!!!! UGHHHHI DONT LIKE IT!!!!! we have a member here that served in brazil and married a brasileira and he lives here and has an English school, so sometimes he asks the Americans to help him teach some classes!! it´s really cool cause we can talk about the mission and the church and just about the united states!! it´s awesome, but really hard to talk in English sometimes!!! I forget words and my grammar in English is horrible!!! oh well haha

I´m really excited for this week and I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood!! In times of need I know that I can read my patriarchal blessing or I can ask for priesthood blessing and I can receive the guidance and comfort that I need!!! I know that if we look up in faith and not down in discouragement, we can overcome all trials!! WE are never alone...we have angles at our side and our Heavenly Father looking out for us!!! Always look to share the gospel...it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t accept it right away, just be strong and confident in your testimony that you know that this church is true and they will see and feel that this gospel is true too!!! I am soooo grateful to be on a mission, serving for the people here in Brazil and to grow closer to my Savior with each day!!!

ether 12:27

moroni 8:3

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