week 29 Your family may be far, but we're your family too!

Sister Barbosa and I
 (Mom Note: A shout out to all the missionaries and ward family members who took care of Natalie while she was sick and far from home.  Obrigada!)

So this week was cray! it started out like any week should.... on Tuesday we worked all day! we had some of the elders in our district come to help us with our area, and we also did some splits with the sisters in our area too...it helped sooooo much!!! but yeah anyway at the end of this day all was good...when I woke up at 2 in the morning I started to throw up!!...about every 20 minutes I got up and started throwing up. And every time it got worse and worse...like more intense and painful! and then about 6 o clock I started to have diarrhea (forget how to spell it??) and I was like Sister Lerner I think we should go to the hospital! but yeah so we went to he hospital and I threw up about 3-4 more times there! I even threw up in the member’s car that took us to the hospital...luckily he had a little plastic bag in the back of his car hahah!!! (now I can laugh about it) but yeah mom remember when you had that nasty virus when you came home from Utah that one time and you went to the hospital...yeah I had something really similar to that!! It was just the worst!! I started to cry too because I just wanted my mom...how pitiful is that ha-ha oh well!!! So one of the first things that I said when I got to the hospital and in the hospital bed was that I wanted a priesthood blessing!!! I´m just solo grateful for the power of the priesthood and the opportunity that the men have in the church to bless so many lives!!! I feel so blessed to have the priesthood power in my life!! but yeah at about 9 the Elders came to give me a blessing (at this point I was a little drugged up and a little loopy lol) It was Elder Agular and Elder Nhanthole who came and gave me a blessing!! After that I left the hospital and went home...ugh I still felt like crap!! my stomach hurt, my body hurt, and I still had diarrhea and I felt dizzy when I would walk or stand up. so I laid down and slept a lot! Sister Barbosa stayed with me this day! I was just a mess! At night I still had diarrhea and I still felt sick, and on top of that I had a fever! So we went back to the hospital. Got a couple injections in the arm and went on our way! I was just so tired and weak, it was ridiculous! I went home and fell asleep! The next day I stayed in house too...
so I don’t have a lot of time left but I will try to summarize! Wednesday I stayed in house, and also Thursday...Friday I thought I would be able to leave. we had our weekly planning and then lunch. after lunch I threw up lunch and was out of breath and tired from just walking up 3 flights of stairs. so sister Lerner didn’t let me leave. and sister antunes had some pain in her foot so sister barbosa and sister lerner left and sister antunes and I stayed together in house! BUT WAIT FOR IT...he he he...when sister Lerner and sister barbosa left I started to cry, like really cry because I didn’t want to stay in house one more day because we had a lot of investigators and people that were progressing and just doing great, but I really just wanted to help and talk with people! I seriously never felt that kind of sadness in my life!! It made me realize how much I love being a missionary and spreading the gospel:) So sister antunes and I left the house...and let me just tell you that everyone that we met that day we were supposed to meet!! It was like Everyone and everything that happened was perfectly timed so that the next person that we would meet or the next thing to happen needed to happen!! Like dominos. If we didn’t stop to talk to this one person we wouldn’t have met the the other person!! it was just incredible ha-ha. It was like Hunger Games when the game keeper is just messing with the arena and put things in place so others things would happen...haha cray! but yeah I started to feel sick again so we returned home at like 7 and we just relaxed, did our nails, wrote in our journal and everything was all good!! Saturday I stayed again in house because I still had a fever and had a sore throat!! SUNDAY I FINALLY GOT TO LEAVE THE HOUSE!!! WAHHOOOOO and WE HAD A BAPTISM OF JORGE!!!!! THE SWEETEST LITTLE BOY EVER!!!!! AHHHHHH I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH!!!! 
oh and Normand is doing great...he´s stopping with all the drugs and alcohol and coffee that he´s been addicted to. He´s reading the book of Mormon everyday and he´s coming to church all by himself!!! ugh it´s just so amazing to see the Atonement work for people and the changes in their lives for the better!!! AHHHH I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! I already have 6 months...time is flying by!!!!

so yeah I have to go...but love you all sooooo much!!! Be strong and stay firm...stand up for what is right!! EU AMO VOCÊS

Sister Natalie Talentino

-oh when I got to church on Sunday literally EVERYONE was like oh you were the sister that was sick...everyone was like we are here for you; your family may be far but we´re your family too!! hahah such sweet love!!! So grateful for that :) Love you mom and dad thanks for being the greatest

Elder Orozimbo is a cavs/lebron fan!!! WAHHOOO

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