Week 44 Happy Birthday Dad!

 June 6, 2016

So yeah this week was great!! we saw so many miracles that happened with the family that we baptized on Sunday. Fatima and Roberto. THEY ARE SOOO PERFECT!!!! WE visited them everyday this past week, they went to church Sunday too and they said that they loved it. So each day that we went there it was a miracle after another miracle. the Friday before Sunday (last week) we taught the Restoration and they understood and participated so well in the lesson. a the end of the lesson the accepted to be baptized the 5th of June! YASSS and then the Tuesday (day 30 of may) we went and taught the Plan of Salvation! Fatima loved it...she was all like we have to follow the path that Jesus Christ showed us to follow and all that good stuff. WE gave them a Book of Mormon (our last one that we had) and Roberto and Fatima were animados to read and learn more about it. The next day we went back and we asked them how it was reading the book of mormon and praying about the things we taught. We taught the 3rd lesson, theGospel of Jesus Christ, explained more about hows the batismo and all that. A the end of the Lesson, Fatima shared an experience that she had with her prayers. She said that she read the part that we left for her to read (2 nefi 31) and then she said her prayer and asked the questions we let for her to ask (if Joseph smith was a prophet? If the Book of Mormon is True? and If the Church of Jesus Christ is true?) and when she finished her prayer she said she had the idea to look at the scriptures in the Bible. She said she thought of the date (1/6/16) and so she went to Romans chapter 1 verse 6...and she said that was her response. When sister M Silva and I read the verse, I started to cry. It really showed me that Heavenly Father will always answer our prayers if we some unto him and ask him with an open heart and with faith.From this scripture she said that she knew she had to follow her Savior Jesus Christ. Roberto also said that he feels good about it and that he´s excited for his baptism!!!! After lesson we were walking back home because it was late and they live kinda far away (30 walking) to our house, and when we were walking I just started to sing, Senhor Meus Deus....( grandioso es tu) or in English How Great Thou Art...haha it was perfect!! I just felt so grateful to see the miracles happen in the lives of others!!! and let me just say..i cried..of course hahah!!
but yeah Sunday was their Baptism!!! It was so great!!! and after was Stake Conference!! This week was great!!
Presidente Soares was here to talk in the conference and it was all about how we need to work together, missionaries and members, to help build this District into a Stake! We need more active men with the Presithood!! MORE MEN AND FAMILIAS!!!!! LETS GOOOOO!!!!! haha
I´m excited for this coming week and to see what miracles will happen in our lives as missionaries and in the lives we are teaching!!!
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!! I want to challenge you all to make goals and to plan your days so you can alcançar (?) these goals!!! It´s something that i am trying to do better. Planning and setting Goals!!! 

Sister Talentino

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