week 45 - Blessings of the gospel

June 13, 2016

Mom this week was okay!! It´s just so amazing to see the miracles that happen everyday!
Don't have a lot of time but i want to just tell what happened yesterday at church with our fast and testimony meeting! So a little bit before our testimony meeting the President of the Ramo wanted to talk to me and and the sisters...he had some things he wanted to talk to us about..just that the President of the District was there too and also the members of the Presidente of the Branch. WE had somethings to talk about. After the meeting ( I wont go into details cause it´s good to focus on the positive) my Comp, Sister M Silva was really annoyed, and I was too, but in the end I was just like you know what, it was like a wake up call for all of us, ya know to work harder and work better together with the members and the Liderança (?) but yeah that was good to see that everyone can take a negative and turn it to a positive and to use what you learned in that situation to help you be better!!
but yeah after the meeting we had testimony meeting...and let me just tell you I cried when Mariano (recent convert) shared his testimony saying that he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he is so grateful to be in the true church. HE ALSO GOT A CALLING, The secretary of the young men....and he is working to get the Melquesidek Priesthood!!! AHHHHH he´s just so perfect!!! and then after Mariano, Fatima went up...SHE WAS BAPTIZED LAST WEEK AND CONFIRMED SUNDAY AND SHE WENT TO BARE HER TESTIMONY!!! It took me about 10 years to get up the courage to bare my testimony and for her it took 7 days...hahah but yeah she said that the first time that we went to her house she was like after we left, uhh no that church isn't for me I already have my own religion. And then when we went back she said that we invited her to pray about it and to ask God. She then told her experience about how when she prayed a miracle happened ( when she found that bill for the energy) and she said that she believes really that this church is true!! and when she sat down I was like almost crying my eyes out and it was just so nice to see the fruits of our labors and that my recent converts are firm in the church, getting ready to receive the blessing of the Gospel in their lives. THIS!!!  I just felt so happy to see the blessing of the Gospel in the lives of the people we are teaching and that they have a true testimony of the truth of this gospel!!!
but yeah that´s my experience of the week...HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!
-Sister Talentino

moroni 8:3

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