week 48 - Happy Fourth of July


HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!! LOVE YOU ALL...mom Spain looks amazing...we gotta go back when I get back haha!!
but yeah this week was really trunky..not gonna lie! One elder in our District went home this week, Elder M Fernandes! so to see a missionary go home...it just makes me think of how fast the time is flying by! This week we have transfers and also the week after that I will have 11 months in the mission! Ridiculous!!!!
haha this week was good. There was another holiday, São Pedro. sister Mulberry and I got back from Natal Wednesday morning in the middle of the night. And then we had to run around and try and teach all of our investigators.
I feel really tired being in this area. I am praying really hard to do the will of The Lord here and to be animated and excited to work, but sometimes I jut feel like I talked to literally everyone in the street already, and I just tired of having people not progress, not come to church and just not realize what they are missing out in their life when they don’t follow the gospel.

One thing that happened this week that I got to do last pday was I got to visit some recent converts in Natal!!! I got to see Monic, Ellen, Luiz Neto, Thiago, Emmanoel, and Adriano!! I cried so much when I had to say bye to them again. Just to see that they are firm in the church, with callings and just hearing their testimonies just brings tears to my eyes. It´s one thing that I am so grateful, is that sometimes as missionaries we can see the fruit of our labor. ugh I cried so much when I left my first area again...I forgot to take my camera, but Mônica took pics so she will have to send them to me.

I love being a missionary... found a scripture this week that I really liked...in Mosiah 27:14...when an angel apareceu a Alma who was preaching to destroy the church saying that many people were praying and asking for help, and also his dad was praying for him. and he said that Deus always responds to our prayers, depending on our faith. And it made me think that there re so many people praying for me, for us, for our investigators and for the missionary work. I am so grateful for the power of prayers and to know that Deus will always answer our prayers.
LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! have a great 4th of July...today we are going to make cookies, s’mores and we are going to try to make hamburgers!! we´ll see what happens!!! 

moroni 8:3

Our little trip to natal...we had pancakes with maple syrup, s'mores, jolly ranchers and the best of all PEANUT BUTTER!!!!

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