Week 49 - My new zone leader knows Lilian and Cynthia!


I asked Natalie if she got transferred, Her response,
“Yea...I’m in a place called seridó, caicó!  I’m about 3 hours from my last area. My companion is Sister Sigaran from El Salvador!!”

Her email:
MOM...guess what! I got to my new area and there is an Elder here, my new Zone Leader. His name is Elder L. Gomes...he´s from Rio. The first night that I got here in Seridó Caicó, he said, “hey, so there´s an Irmá in my ward that said I need to look out for a Sister Talentino and send her a beijo and abraço (kiss and hug) when I finally meet her...her name is Lillian.” I was like ummmmmm I don't know..then I asked what she does for a living and he said that she is the type of person that looks for rocks and stuff like that. IT´S THE FRIEND OF CYNTHIA!!!!!!! THAT STAYED WITH US!!! REMEMBER!!!!! and This elder also knows Cynthia..his mom is good friends with her......WHAT ARE THE ODDS MINHA NOSSA!!!!!!!!!! 
(Mom Note:  Cynthia Saldanha was in our ward when Natalie was little.  She is from Rio and one of her friends Lilian came to Cleveland for a paleontologist conference and stayed with us. ) 

Mom note:  Natalie talking about her zone leader Elder Gomes: 
“yeah he is seriously is a great missionary and I met him this week! WE share our ward with him and his companion...it’s a house, not a chapel!! it´s pretty humilde but it is awesome to see the testimonies of everyone there!!

LOVE YOU MOM! Have a great week!!

                  Here is Elder Gomes from Rio.  Friend of our friend!!!!  Small world!

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