week 46 - I finished the The Book of Mormon in Portuguese

June 20, 2016

So this week was great! we had to work really hard because on Thursday we had our Zone Conference in Caicó! it was the last Zone Conference of President and Sister Soares!! It was really sad and trunky but it was an amazing conference. I received a lot of answers to my prayers and to the problems that I have been having! One experience that I had was that of a Missionary who gave his testimony, Elder M. Fernandes, because he is going home at the end of this transfer. He started to bare his testimony about the Book of Mormon, and I just felt such a strong feeling in my heart and a confirmation that The Book of Mormon is true. It was a such a powerful surety I know that I can´t deny the truthfulness of this book. The last Saturday I finished The Book of Mormon in Portuguese so I did what Moroni asked all of us to do, to pray about and ask to know if these things are true that are written in the book of Mormon, I got my answer through the testimony of another missionary!! It was so nice to see that Heavenly Father sempra answers our prayers and that he is always caring for me. I had another experience with prayer this week. So I’m living with Sister Mulberry and sometimes we joke a little and talk in English. sister trage also knows English really well so we practice. But because of that I was losing a little bit of my Portuguese and people in the street were saying that they don’t understand me and all that. Even Sister M Silva said that...but yeah so I got a little discouraged and prayed to have the gift of tongues and to have patience with myself learning another language and all that. So this week, one day, we stopped to talk with some people in the street and at the end of the conversation one guy asked me how much time I have in Brazil and I said 10 months, and he was like woooaah no way, Would’ve thought that you had more time because of the way you talk with such fluentness...WHHATTTTT just yesterday I was talking to some girl who was saying that she didn’t understand one word that I was saying and now I´m like fluent!!! haha it really was a confidence booster and the answer to my prayers that I needed. 
I will talk about some people that we are teaching...just a little cause I don’t have a lot more time. Libio and his wife Patricia! They are married legally and Libio came to church yesterday and was participating and everything and all the members were like `so when are going to be baptized...`LETS GOOO BATIZADORES!!!! haha. We haven’t taught him anything yet because we met him on Friday, but we left him a pamphlet of the Plan of Salvation because he said that his Dad passed away recently without notice, so yeah we´re going to help him and his family.
Fabiano...he came to church just because we invited him Saturday night. When we passed by his house Sunday morning he was finishing taking a shower and when he got all dressed he was like, lets go and he started to walk super rapido to church haha and then he was like some people invited me to go to a fiesta but I thought it would be better to go to church!! 
 We also have some other people, Joâo Victor that wants to be baptized but his mom wont let him.  Marinaldo says he´s taking his time and when Deus touched his heart he will be baptized.
We have some great people that we are teaching and we are excited for this week and for EVERYONE that came to church!!! 
This week I fed a little monkey Goiaba a banana! DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!
haha LOVE YOU ALL!!! have a great week!!!

Sister Talentino

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