week 65 - Rondnelly was baptized

This week was transfers. I´m now with Sister Nunes, she is from rio and we are good friends. WE were in the CTM together! :)
her accent is so cool. I love the accent from Rio de Janeiro, it´s so different but so cool at the same time! I am in the same area, Vila do Principe in Calico.
this weekend we had a miracle happen. Rondnelly was baptized. He has heard of the church and has gone to church for over 23 years. And Sunday he was baptized!! It was soooo awesome to se him change and to see his Faith grown in God and in the gospel! And everything that was talked about on Sunday, the testimonies and the lessons talked about how our testimonies will grow with time and with our own strength and diligence! It was just perfect!!
another miracle happened when José Carlos, a member and his wife Alexsandra came by our house at like 9 the night and they gave us pizza...we didn´t have any food in our house, only rice, and they saved the day when they came knocking on our door giving us pizza haha it was just the best!!  I love that family!! :)
but yeah, just that happened this week. I’m excited for this transfer and I can´t believe that my mission is almost coming to an end, but I´m working and am enjoying every minute that I have left here in Brazil on the mission!
Halloween looks awesome. And here comes thanksgiving...What day will it be this year again??
LOVE YOU ALL...have a great week

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