week 67 We got to shake the hand of an Apostle!

So this past week was great! We had such a great opportunity to hear the Apostle Elder Renlund on Wednesday. On Tuesday we had our mission counsel so Sister Nunes and I got to Natal one day before to spend our pday in Natal! it was great to be in the city again!!
The counsel that we had with President Colleoni was great...but he burned all of us! Called us all out and told us all to repent! it was like ouch...haha but it was necessary!
It was great because the next day the Apostle, Elder Renlund talked about just that. Repentance. His message was just so spiritual and it was exactly what I needed in that moment! I even sang in the Choir! Mom you will be so proud hahah!
I have a certeza that he is a man called of God and that he really is an Apostle of Jesus Christ. I know that President Colleoni and sister Colleoni are also called of God to be our mission President!
It was just such a great experience, spiritually!
WE GOT TO SHAKE HAND WITH AN APOSTLE!!!! it was just so amazing!
But yeah when we got back to our area it was like a race to get our numbers closed and done. Sunday morning, we walked for miles and no one came to church. I think I heard about every excuse in the book...it is really hard to keep up the excitement to work when every week we have people that only progress for about a week or a couple of days and then when Sunday comes around it´s like the enemy is working twice as hard so people won’t go with us to church. And missionary work is hard when no one goes to church.
but I have faith that it will get better and I know I am doing my part so Heavenly Father will grant me my righteous desires to help and love the people here in Caicó!
I know that my mission is coming to an end, but I am so ready to keep working my butt off to help these people!!
I love all of you! have a great week!!!
Remember that every day we need to be humble and repent and r3ecognize our weaknesses so that our Savior can help up be strong and overcome our laziness or our other weaknesses.
´There is no such thing as Faith with laziness...we don´t want lazy faith!!´

get up and do something, to serve, to help, and to be more like our Savior Jesus Christ!
I love you!1

Sister Talentino

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