week 71 - Christmas Skype coming up!

Natalie’s email

I don’t know exactly where we are going to use skype for Christmas because a lot of members have invited us already so now we need to choose!
So there will be a problem because this Sunday the meeting will be at 4 in the afternoon, so only after 5...I think if we mark 5:30...or 6 it will be good!
Right now I am in cidade Verde...I´m in the capital!! YESSS and the ward is AMAZING!!! they all love the missionaries and want to help...the lunched here are amazing too...a area really sheaky and fancy with money!
My companion is my daughter...Sister Stadler!! I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!! ILOVE HER!!!! I was her companion in Mossoro but I was transferred to Sousa for an emergency transfer so I didn´t get to finsh her training...but now we are together again!! :) I AM SO HAPpY!!!!
sometimes I have moments where I am just so sad to think about leaving the mission, but it will be good to see you guys again haha! 

I am excited, we are opening this area so we are working really hard!!! Merry Christmas...it doesn’t even feel like Christmas!!! but that´s okay!!!

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