week 76 - This is my last week in the mission.


I had diarrhea this week, but i´m better now.
the work is great! We met an ELEITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she went to church and she is just loving everything. She calls us to mark the appointments...she has 3 kids and dad she is just the most elect that I have met in my life!!! SERIOUS!!!! We will try and baptize her tomorrow before I go home, but if it doesn't work out, I will be okay cause I know that she knows she found the right place for her and her family
so yeah I don´t have a lot of things to say because I feel like I can just talk to you guys in a little bit...haha
So did Doug decide where he wants to go yet? Tell baby G that we can do a girls night EVERY night when I get home haha!
I´m excited to go to the temple and to be with family again! I want to visit everyone logo...saudades demais!

but yeah! So dad asked me about going to corolla in Feb...is that going to happen or is dad just talking stuff?

any other news?
will i have a cellphone when I get home?

Miss you so much!! I can´t wait to see you guys!!!!...I sent dad an email about an experience that we had this week with a guy in the street!..look at his e-mail after!

Mom's note:  my last email to Natalie on her mission:

I can’t believe this is my last email to you on your mission.  I”m sure you can’t believe it either.
We have been counting down and getting everything ready for Friday.  Well, I will close this email and chapter of writing to you in Brazil.  In John 1; 4 it reads,  “I have no greater joy than to hear my children walk in truth”.  Thanks for bringing such “joy”  to dad and me by serving and sacrificing these past 18 months.  We are so proud of you and grateful that Heavenly Father has entrusted you in our care.  We love you and are so proud of you and can’t wait to welcome you home this Friday!

See you in 4 days!!!!


Moroni 8:3

Natalie's Response: haha I love that scripture...it really hits home for me! :)

We kept our Christmas tree up so we could celebrate Christmas with Natalie.