Week 74 - I can't believe that I got my travel plans!

I can´t believe that I got my travel plans...like WHHHAAATTTTTTTT

haha Doug..he´s improving!! but it would be awesome if he could be there in the airport...tell him to keep looking!!!!!!!!
Family is great..Gram sent me an email and said that everyone is sick..worried about Pappap with double pneumonia.
I went shopping today...I bought a bunch of things really cool!! I bought something that it´s like a little makeup holder of lipstick...really cute!! I bought 6 of them...i thought of dad when he bought all the sunglasses holder things!! haha super cute


so this week was just really rough. I think I have never experienced so much rejection in one week than this past week. I had to go to an area called Pirangi to do a division there. I stayed with a Sister called Sister Guimarães from São Paulo, and Sister Stadler stayed with Sister Redford, an American.  It was good because we found a lot of good people to teach. WE found one lady who said that she was already baptized in the Assembly but when we started to teach about the 3rd lesson which is about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we explained how is the right baptism and everything. During the lesson she started to cry. I was like ummm okay it´s the spirit but she´s not saying anything so let´s just say a prayer and leave. So we said the last prayer and then at the end I asked her if she was okay...she started crying more and more...haha I was like alright...já era! haha but then something amazing happened. She said that she was grateful for everything that she learned there in the church and in the Bible, but she feels like something is missing. That the people in the church aren´t practicing what she is reading and studying in The Bible. She has always felt that there was something missing and that she was always praying to God to help her find what that thing she is missing in her life. WE told her that God answered her prayers and marked her baptism. I don´t know if she went to church Sunday but I know that if the sisters there keep teaching her and if she does her part to receive her answer, she will be happy to know that she found the truth.
But yeah When I came back to my area it was just SUPER ROUGH!!!! This week was the first time in my life/ in my mission that I had to knock on doors...and it didn’t even work out!! Sister Stadler and I are trying really hard to use all the topics that they have in Teach My gospel to find people. We are starting to work with Less Actives. WE visited one family on Saturday that is less active and miracle. They went to church yesterday. they said they were missing church and that they just needed a little help to get the courage to go back. Sister Stadler and I felt so good about that.

Something funny that happened this week. So it was at night time and we were walking in the street and I saw a Manga tree. And what did I see. A beautiful manga ready to eat. hahah So I stopped and started to throw whatever I could find to knock the manga off of the tree...wasn´t working. So I threw me planner top try and get it.didn´t work and my planner landed in the street. I picked it up and then tried to throw it again. As I started to throw it, I thought, I shouldn’t throw this because maybe it will go over that wall...hahha but guess what happened, I threw it and it went over the wall hahha., I was like awww are you kidding me. and what´s worse, it was a wall to a house that was for sale, so no one lived there to help us get my planner hahah. We started to try everything to get it but it just wasn’t working, finally I had to jump the gate...haha it was ridiculous. So I climbed the gate and got my planner and climbed back over. I hurt myself a little but but nothing serious, just a bruise. What is worse is that 1. we saw that there was a camera across the street that probably saw everything hahah 2. we knocked off the manga and it wasn’t even ready to eat in that moment, it was all hard.
HAHA got to look at the brightside sometimes!!!

but yeah, my mission is almost up but I am working and talking with everyone that I can, and Presenting my testimony to everyone.
I know this church is true, and I know that my Savior lives and knows me and will help me when I need it.

have a great week! :)

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