week 70 - Starting my mission in Natal and ending my mission in Natal

This week was good!! I´ll send a little message of an experience that happened yesterday!!!
So yesterday at church is was a little different, we had a transition of a program only for people in Brazil! But guess what happened when the video started to play...it was in English!!! without subtitles!! PRONTO!!! everyone started to just look around and some of the leaders got up to see what they could do to help out! Then all of a sudden people started to look at me...hahah I am the only American in Caicó..kkk..so they were like Sister go up there and translate for us!!! At first I was like no way, just wait it out it will be okay! But they I was like no I´ll go and help!!!
So I went up there and they got me a microphone so that I could start to translate a little bit. I said a prayer about a billion times so that The Lord could help me with this little task!
It was really cool to feel the spirit helping me...I would listen and then I knew exactly what I had to say. Maybe I didn´t translate it 100% but I knew what I could say to get the point across! I had to translate for about 10-15 and then they got it all set up. I was so relieved cause they said the Elder Holland would talk too...can you imagine!! haha Translating Elder Hollands words...Nossa haha a lot of pressure!! But it was just a little spiritual experience that I had yesterday that I wanted to share! It was really cool to feel and recognize the gift of tongues that I have been able to develop in this short time that I have been here in Brazil!!
 I love it here!! I will miss it so much!! I am starting to feel that it is coming to an end, I can´t believe it!
#7semanas I will give it my all to end my mission with my head held high and with a ton of Spirit :)
I love this gospel! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
yeah...I’m super happy to end my mission there, but I will miss everyone here!! I spent 6 months in caicó..haha I love the members here!!  but I´m happy that I won’t have one more transfer here because it´s physically and emotionally challenging here. but it´s good cause I feel that my faith has grown because of the hard area!

but yeah...Started my mission in Natal, and now I’m going to end my mission in Natal! :)