Week 68 - Pray for water


So this week was great! we had a miracle happen. So last week was rough. We had fasted to have a miracle happen, or someone go to church and to have a baptism. So we got to church last week and I was like of course Heavenly Father will give us what we asked for, we even fasted. But when we got to church no one was there and everyone that we passed by to take to church had an excuse. So this week we were like alright, what are we going to do to have a baptism this week, to have more success here. So we were just like let´s start working in the Area Book and see what miracle will happen with the people that have already gone to church and have already marked their baptisms. So we found some names and we planned to pass by in some names that we felt good about. So we started on Wednesday and one of the first people that we planned to go and visit was a little girl. Her name is Gyselle. WE got to her house and she was there and she came out and greeted us. She is soooo sweet. She´s a little timid but really sweet. We started to talk to here and we wanted to start talking about the gospel with her. So we started to talk about baptism too, and we invited her to be baptized that Sunday and she accepted. She was a little shy about it but we knew that she would start to warm up and be excited. the next couple of days we went back and visited her and we had to talk to the parents. WE found out that her parents are less active...the mom started to talk and give excuses to why she doesn’t go to church anymore blah blah blah.so Sister Nunes and I started to get a little nervous about talking about the baptism. But when we started to explain to her about the baptism, the young woman program and all that she started to be all relaxed. and in the end it all turned out great. Sunday was the baptism of Gyselle and she was all nervous and embarrassed of the white overalls but it all worked out! she´s solo cute!
I know this was a miracle of the Fast that we did. If we wouldn’t have done our part, and continues to work hard and look actively for the miracles to happen, Gyselle wouldn´t have been found and baptized. 
the Lord wants that we exercise our Faith and work towards deserving these miracles, and to find them. It´s all in The Lord´s timing, but I know that The Lord is always watching over us, and that he wants us to keep pushing through the difficulties and the hard times, so that when we get to the light and all the good times, we can look back and say that Through Him and because of Him we made it to the light again.

I love this gospel! I love being a missionary! I get to see and feel the miracles each day that our Heavenly Father bestows upon us.

Here in Caic√≥ no one has water in their homes...literally no one! Everyone is buying water, but now the reserves are running out of water too! It´s a water crisis. Everyone pray for the people here and pray so that it can rain here...it´s REALLY hard living without water! trust me. I know!

But yeah! I love all of you, Thank you so much for supporting me!!
ate daqui a pouco!!

Sister Talentino

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