Week 53 ZONA CAICÓ....i´m sitting next to L.Gomes...haha small world

August 8, 2016

Natalie’s email
Week 53 August 8, 2016

Interesting your dream mom. I’m so happy that you got my letter! I wrote it a couple months ago and never sent it...and finally I did 2 weeks ago!! The Lord works in mysterious ways!!
So this week was good! We had our Zone Meeting and it was really helpful, to get that spiritual and emotionally charge! animation too!!!
There is a new rule in our mission now...we can’t baptize anyone with the age of 8-11 without an adult member of the family being baptized too! It was like uhhhh wooahhhh...haha It was really an eye opener of how much we need to focus on families and the temple!! our goal here in the mission is to have a temple in NATAL!!! and to do that we need more men with The Priesthood and more families!! so we are all excited and animated to see the miracles that will happen with this new rule! 
what´s funny is that this Sunday we had 9 people come to church...of which 6 were primaria haha!! now we got a lot of work to do to try and help these families get married and then a year from now get sealed in the temple!
There was a miracle that happened this week, at church. Church already started, about 15 minutes, and all of a sudden we hear the door behind us open and there he was, Paulo, a contact that we made about 2 weeks ago. He was drunk and high but he was like you guys are sent from God, you guys aren’t here without a reason...and then at the end of the contact he bailed out and said he wasn’t going to go to church...so we forgot about him. So when he showed up at church I was like NO WAY!!!!! after the meeting we went up and talked to him and he was like. ´oh last week I came and I was looking for the church but it was like 4 in the afternoon... (it starts at 9) and I couldn’t find it.so I decided today I would look for the church again and I was asking everyone in the street where is the church of the Mormons and I came! ´ MIRACLES HAPPEN!!!
we also had another great miracle!
so do you remember me talking about Fabison and Virginia...yeah so they don’t want to know more about the church! one night we stopped by their house and Fabison was close to the window and we started to talk to him and he said that he didn’t want to know more and that he wasn’t interested, so we said okay, can you give us your Book of Mormon we gave you...when he got it and gave it to us his older brother, Fabio showed up and started talking to us. He asked if he could have the book and that if there still will be church in Sunday...YESSSS!!!! He went to church and he loved it!! he was like I loved the school of gospel principles. It was just so great!! He has a lot of questions about life and stuff and so it will be nice to teach someone that understands and that wants to search the truth.
WE also had a rapaz come to church, Kauan, he has 12 years and he has always promised the Elders and us that he would go to church, but he just never went. But Sister Sigaran and I had a feeling that we should pass by. When we got to his house he was sleeping in the hammock, his little sister woke him up and he was like ´oh yeah, let me just get ready and I’ll go with you guys to church´haha what. His parents were surprised too!!! as we were leaving his dad was like, if he gives you any trouble let me know...haha I Was like this young boy just needs a good example and a little love in his life!!!

The Lord never lets us down. All these trials are for our good! I had a good talk with the President and also our LZ´s, L.Gomes and Bonetti, and thank your mom and dad for your counsel. I knew that the hard times are the times where I would feel closer to my Savior and to my Heavenly Father, so every day I tried to just be positive, like you say dad, take a deep breath, relax and let it go!! I really focused on that these past couple of weeks!! and it´s been great! I´ve been reading and studying the scriptures, the conference talks and praying and fasting a lot so that we can have success here in Caicó!!!

Mom and Dad and family and friends! I know this church is true. I know the Book of Mormon is a word of God, and that the Priesthood Power of God was restored on this Earth today. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God...God loves us; we need to choose to be happy!! :)
moronic 8:3
have a great week!!
-Sister Talentino

ZONA CAICÓ....i´m sitting next to L.Gomes...haha small world -( El Gomes is from Rio and was in Cynthia's ward )

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