Week 52 Shout out to Virginia!

August 1, 2016 Week 52

This whole week was ridiculous because here in Caicó there has been a party/holiday for about 2 weeks called Sant´Ana! everyone is celebrating this Saint by drinking and having parties and all that good stuff...so que não!!
So yeah it was hard this week cause no one wanted to listen and no one wanted to go to church because there would be parties and no one wanted to wake up early with a hangover to go to church!!
it was ruff.... but I know that it will all work out!
we have one investigator named Fabison! We met him in the street this week and we marked his baptism right then and there! he said yeah, and that is mom would love that because she keeps telling him to go to church but he doesn’t like to go to Mass (? it´s called that, in the catholic church?) so yeah we went and visited him the next day and we met his older Sister...guess what her name is ....VIRGINIA!!!! WHAT ARE THE ODDS!!! haha (shout out to my bff Virginia) and i was like sister, it´s a sign...and we started to talking to us, she gave us lime cake (so good) and then a little bit after we marked her baptism too and she accepted!!! I was like LET´S GOOOO!!!! this was Thursday I think! The next couple of days though were rough! Fabison started to say that he´s going to give up on it cause all of his family is Catholic, and that his sister Virginia said the same thing!! But you know what, we kept teaching him, gave him the book of Mormon and I KNOW that the Holy Ghost will touch his heart and that he already knows that he should keep following that feeling and that Spirit!! I know that he will be baptized! and so will Virginia!! I have faith!!  So yeah. every time we meet someone who is like in tune with the spirit and shows potential, there is always opposition to fight with us! (SATAN WORK)

 we had a mission conference on Wednesday with President Mazzagardi! It was sooo good!! There was a part that I like a lot. It was in the end of the conference and an Elder asked about profound Doctrine and he responded, ´The Sacrament’. I was like uhhhhhh really? and He started to explain that the things that are repeated are the doctrines more profound than whatever other thing (sorry that my grammar is terrible I’m translating Portuguese to English) and I was like it is sooo true!! the simplest things in the gospel are the most profound and important and meaningful!! There are so many things that we can learn from the Sacrament if we study and we learn and look at the details!!! It was like ´boom big ol explosion` (can you guess the movies quote mom??) but yeah it was really cool!! I got to talk to President MAzzagardi for a little bit! We started to talk about the East Coast because he lived in New Jersey for a long time!! HAHA I guess you can say we are Buddy buddies now...jk!!! It was great to see all the missionaries again and to get the spiritual alimento (?) 
it was awesome!!

Sunday night we had a family night with a family in our ward...I love this Family so much!!! I taught them how to make cookies :) It was sooo good!!! Elder L. Gomes made the cookies, and they turned out really good!!...I guess I’m kind of famous for my cookies in the mission haha!
I love every part of being a missionary...some parts better than others, but I just know that my sufferimento doesn’t even compare to the sufferement of my Savior for me!!
I love you all!! Alma 37:30-37
-Sister Talentino

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