Week 57- Families can be together forever


So this week was okay! I’m not going to lie it was a little rough for me to hear about Beth! We were in Natal, because we had our reunion with all the liderana of the mission, and we traveled on our Pday, Monday morning! We got to natal and we passed the internet there and then we had a baptism of the daughter of my recent convert, Monica! Remember her??? It was soooo great to be back in Natal and to see all the members there and to catch up on old times!! It was weird cause it has been 1 year since I have been back in that area with the members have a baptism! haha Deja Vu ya know!! haha it was like a roller coaster of emotions that day! We then had the conselho and it was cool to see everyone!! We got back to our area in caicó late Wednesday! So this week I was just really tires, I didn’t sleep well this week so each day was like 15345 hours! It was rough too because I was thinking about Beth and The Family! It was crazy though, I know the Lord was looking out for me and answering all my prayers asking for comfort! I was studying one morning and I found a talk by David A Bednar in the Liahona) Ensign?) of August I think, and it was talking about the Lord´s timing! On how we have to have faith and confidence in the Lord and His timing! He talked about a couple that recently got married (3 weeks) and the husband found out that he had cancer! And he goes on to tell their story and one day he visited them in the hospital and he went to give a blessing and he asked the couple if they were willing to not be healed!?  It just goes to show that our faith always need to be in the Lords timing and in his way! Sometimes it´s not what we want, but it is what we need! I just thought about the Power of the Priesthood, and that if it were to be a part of the Lords plan, anyone and everyone can be healed! But it´s not always roses and sunshine! But I know in the end, when we live Righteously, we will have that Happily Ever After with that sunshine and roses haha!! It was just one of the examples this week that I had that showed me that my Heavenly Father and my Savior were looking out for me and were there to help me learn more about his plan for all of us and for me to grown I my faith!
I am so grateful to have known Beth and her wonderful family! I am excited to see her again! I´m missing her a lot, but I know that it is only temporary!
Families can be together forever! :)

I love you all! Have a great week!!!

Sister Talentino

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