Week 55- Spoke in Sacrament meeting this week.


haha I loved all the pictures from this past week...woah Taylor White!! that´s a throwback to freshman year in high school!!!
how´s Beth doing.,. Send her a big hug from me okay!! tell her to wait till I come home to move onto the next life!!!
this week was great! We worked really hard to have this baptism this weekend, and it all payed off!
Junior is the husband of a recent convert! He has problems with smoking cigarettes! but we worked so hard this week to help him wuit. He was smoking 40 and by the end of the week we was smoking 1 per day!! WOOOAAAHHHH
The baptism was really nice! The bishop was really supportive (miracle) and the President of the Quoroms baptized him! Jorge, a recent convert and his brother-in-law) was all there to support him! When we got to his house Sunday Morning he said that he wasn’t going to go to church and be baptized!! (Sister Pinheiro and I took a deep breath and we were like Senhor, help us please haha) and he said that he wasn’t going to go to church because he didn’t have any pants clean to use!
we were like you can go in shorts if you want, no problem, but he was no, no I won’t go no. As we were talking to him, Jorge (he lives on the other side of the street) Left without saying a word and then came back about 3 minutes later with jeans in his hand and he just said, ´put these on, we´re going to church´ hahah LET´S GOOO!!! BATIZADOR!!!
haha it was great!! The baptism was so nice, it felt so good to see this family together!!!
There was another baptism that the other sisters had...remember that I talked about Fabio, from my last area!! WEL HE WAS BAPTIZED YESTERDAY TOO!!! I cried a little bit because I just felt so blessed to be a part of his baptism, even though It won´t be marked as my baptism, I know that I was there from the beginning and I know the happiness that he will feel because of the work Sister Sigaran and I did with him when we were together in Seridó!!
So yeah, Sunday was great!!
I´m trying to take dad´s advice and just let it go! It´s working! there are a lot of people here that lie and don´t commit to anything, and at the end of the day you just got to go get a popsicle and maybe even a bar of chocolate to de-stress and to keep on going haha!!
The Lord works in mysterious ways, and I am so grateful to be a part of this great work here in Caicó! :)
Sister Pinheiro and I gave talks in church yesterday! I based my talk on missionary work, and on the Section in Doctrine and Covenants 18..in verse 28 it talks about the commitment that we make to take the Lords name over us, and with this commitment that we made, The Lord called us to preach his gospel to everyone!! What I got out of this was that EVERYONE in the church who is a member, is also called to preach the gospel! It doesn’t matter if you a missionary or not, you were called to preach the gospel to everyone when you were baptized and promised to take His name over you!!
I was like let´s go people...trying to help our ward work with us and be more excited to do missionary work with us!!
I suggest to you to study this section in the Doctrine and Covenants! It´s sooo good!! I got the idea when I was reading the conference talk given by Elder Gong this past conference on how we should Remember our Savior!!

I love all of you guys!! time is flying by! Have a great week!!
The pictures this week are loading really slow, so if it doesn’t work out I will send tem next week!! :)

beijo!! :)

hey mom: can you send me the recipe of sugar cookies from JT!! LOVE YOU!!! thanks!!

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