Week 56 - I know that Beth can watch over us now.


I am just really sad about Beth!!  Crying (typical) writing this email!!
The last message that Alan left was just so nice!! Loved it...crying as usually but I am also happy that she doesn’t have any more pain and that she isn’t suffering!!...que saudade dela!!
I know that she can watch over us now, but man I didn’t even get to say bye!
Send my love to everyone there...Alan, Ben, Ella Caroline, and Lily 
I´m so grateful for the Plan of Salvation, but just send my love to them, ok! and a BIG HUG!!!

Sister Talentino

(mom note:  Our dear friend Beth Mowrey passed away on August 31st.  She was a great role model to Natalie and to all those with whom she had contact.  We will miss her!)

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